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  1. I am new. I have not had time to make a lot of friends in my new job, but I do have some. My issue is that one of the nursing assistants and an bell answer service attendant have teamed up to make it appear that I am not pulling my weight...or at least pointing everything out to the charge nurse.

    I was looking for a snack for a patient, and the cabinet was stocked full of cookies. My patient was diabetic. I asked the the bell attendant to order me something and she snapped at me. She said she'd already ordered for the day and she didnt order what I requested, I'd just have to put up with it. I dont feel she should talk to me that way, but I did not say anything.

    She also snaps at me for not answering other nurses call bells. If I know a nurse cannot get to one, I answer it, but I am not psychic and I dont like being talked to as if I'm ignoring a light.

    So yesterday, she pulled attitude with me several times. She got the charge nurse on board and I got called out for not answering a bell saying a patient was trying to fall out of bed (I did not answer it, I was in the middle of a nursing audit and had just realized that my hand off was far from complete and was thinking what I needed to do to make sure I did everything the patient needed and get back on track). I should have heard it, but I didnt. Nothing i can say except that I will try to do better next time.

    So I am getting fussed at for underperforming all evening. I decide I need a break and walk into the break room to find my nursing assistant sleeping. She was sleeping when I went on break 3 hours ago, and she is STILL sleeping. While I am sitting there, the charge nurse walks in, says something to me, and leaves. Pretending she did not even see the sleeper!

    You can imagine my frustration when I am being called out constantly for underperforming when the assistant is sleeping!

    I am not sure if I should talk to the division's manager or not. I am frustrated. I feel like I can improve, but I also feel they are using me to take the attention away from the sleeper. It is not the first time I have seen her sleeping, it's just the first time I realized it is for hours, not just her break.

    What would you do that would maintain peace on the floor?
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  3. by   mikala3
    Oh one more example was that I had two of my six patients that were not doing so hot. Both were complaining of being short of breath and I was trying to deal with both at the same time. Meanwhile a patient was calling for pain meds that she cannot have for 2 more hours. I told the call bell attendant that I could not get to her, that she cannot have the meds, I would get to her after my patients were stable. She rolled her eyes at me, and called me back every 5 mins pointing out that I had not answered the bell yet.

    How would you have handled that situation? The charge nurse was in the room with the patients, she was not aware that the bell attendant was being so snotty.
  4. by   Twinmom06
    first of all if you have a call bell attendant does it not make sense that she answer the call bell? I answer them (as a student and an aide) and if they want something I can't provide (ie meds) I'll check with the nurse and if they can't have them I go tell them that!
  5. by   Whispera
    Have you calmly discussed your feelings with the offenders? Maybe you're misinterpreting their attitudes.

    It seems you're not in their clique yet. It's also true that you're a new nurse so you're working hard to learn things. Both of these make anyone nervous and so she feels she's out on a limb.

    I'd definitely talk to the manager about the sleeper...
  6. by   gonzo1
    I made a big mistake and did not report these types of things to my manager and ended up getting fired for non-performance. Once I was gone the real culprit did end up getting fired about six months later for bullying a new nurse. I would go have a chat with your unit director. At least your side of the story will be known.
  7. by   annieolpn
    First of all, a call bell attendant? Ok, what does she do, her nails? Go to your nurse manager. The last time a CNA rolled her eyes at me she got walked out of the building. Your charge nurse ignoring someone sleeping for three hours tells me that they are buddies...the nurse manager is the first step, make sure that you put your issues in writing and keep a copy of it so that no one can say you never reported it. They have no right to treat you like that clique or not....see how it goes if they keep it up after you involve the manager, go over her head.... good luck...
  8. by   Karenrussell73
    My advice to you is to take each complaint and make it a teachable moment for yourself. You can only control you so find a seasoned nurse on your unit that you have a good relationship with and ask for help. As far as the sleeper, it sounds like the charge nurse is playing favorites and it may not matter, or may even make matters worse, if you reported it. People who sleep on the job eventually get caught. If I were you, I'd focus on prioritizing and growing a thick skin to let those nasty comments role off your back.
  9. by   patekgtech
    I am 51 years old and I will hope you have learned from my history. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE YOU WORK WITH FOR THE FIRST 6 MONTHS! That is called the 6 month rule and it helps you filter out the game players, the liars, the sincere people. This lets u find out about your supervisor(Will they help u or hang u out to dry during a screw up). Don't be rude to anyone. Always be helpful, but not used. If anything, go out of your way to considerate of your fellow works and patients. People (Unless they are a Sociopath) can not put up a deceptive front for the length of six months. At the end of the six months(A date u mark on your home Calendar). Do not discuss what you are doing with "ANYONE" whether they are ur personal friends, family, schoolmates or anybody. Reason being, this is a small world and u would be suprised "Who Knows Who". The same goes for Gossiping. Don't get involved(Rumors are for Fools Who Can't Read Newspapers). You never know who is going to be ur next employer or boss. Some people don't agree with me. I don't care about their opinion. My concern was to Honestly Answer your question. I wish you the best. Also, if you didn't "Hear it", it's not a fact. It's leagally called "Heresay" aka gossip! Stay Safe and Good Luck. The 6 months rule works well when ur dating to, so u don't get ur heart broken by a user!
  10. by   biggybigmcnurseypoo
    I say definitely TRUST NO ONE. Get a small notebook and document everything. See the boss and share everything. Pray to have the strength to just take it and believe this will all work itself out. Then when you are no longer the brunt of the evil childish actions of those who seem to entertain themselves with this behavior REMEMBER what it felt like and take up for the newest nurse, now in your shoes.
  11. by   merlee
    Got your phone handy? Take a photo of the sleeper. Wait 15-20 min, and take another. Email them to whoever you think is appropriate. Every time you see someone sleeping, take a photo. I sure wish that technology would have been available years ago.
  12. by   Crazed
    People sleep on the job? I always thought that was some sort of sitcom myth.

    I would document everything, sit down during your off time, and compose an email to your manager regarding the issues. Email only so you have documented proof you addressed her.
  13. by   mikala3
    The call bell attendant answers the bells and tells the person the nurse will be with them shortly. Then she calls us in. She does not leave her seat, however, our pharmacy supplies and bp machines are right beside her.