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Ever know someone who has a major crush on a doctor? Then you have to be extra nice to all the doctors so it's not so obvious that your so nice to your crush doctor. Then your co-workers name 6... Read More

  1. by   nurse_mo1986
    seriously...and then you come to this same site and b@#@# about how nurses get no respect from Dr's. I'm a nurse, but as a guy there's one thing i'm smart enough to know. don't s#@$ and drink from the same stream.
  2. by   webmansx
    Naomi Grace RN, we are so similar, I currently have a crush on a waaaaayyyy older doc, hes so hot (to me at least)
  3. by   JazzyK89
    Currently I am doing my Med/Surg rotation, and me and my clinical girls (including the instructor..lol) have an inside joke.
    There's this gorgeous neurosurgeon who we call Dr. Delicious...I think every woman who works in that hospital knows who this Dr. is and would definitely agree that he is major eye candy There are also some residents that are easy on the eyes too...lol
  4. by   anon321d
    LOL "Dr Delicious" that's funny!=D
  5. by   webmansx
    I have major crush on one of the much older doctors...I mean MAJOR!! he is waaaaaaaaaay older than me (like 30yrs ) but we flirt here and there (let me add he is hot for his age!! at least i think so) I hope i'm not a wierdo isolated case but has anyone ever experienced this, and if so how did you handle it?
    I used to have crushes in high school. I admired some physicians but knew their divorce rate was bad. The one that "did it" for me, I'd avoid whenever possible because it would distract me and you shouldn't pee where you eat or fish off the company pier. Work is work, play is play and the two cannot mix. My career is too important and if I get stupid because some hot doc is around, I need to avoid that person and stick to sound judgment, caring for the loved one's of the public I've been charged to do.
  7. by   GadgetRN71
    I've had a crushes on docs here and there but would never pursue someone who was married. Just couldn't do it, especially when there's kids in the equation. They've been the down to earth, self made man types . I don't go for immature and spoiled.
  8. by   meluhn
    Quote from Marie_LPN, RN
    Not quite to the degree that you're describing.

    There's a surgeon at work who's good looking, but what really makes him attractive is how he says "hello, how are you" to everyone, asks about "the kids" and "how's Kathy doing? has she come back to work yet?". He remembers a LOT about the people on our floor (employees that is) and treats them like human beings. And to beat all, he writes NEATLY and you can READ IT, AND puts the seat down in the bathroom.
    I hate to say this but he must be gay.
  9. by   Meg, RN
    Haha! I'm the same way CASTLEGATES. I have a raging crush on a surgeon at work. He's at least ten years older than me too! (I love older guys!) I think it's the bad boy flirty thing that he does. And his butt looks cute in those surgical scrubs! I try to avoid him because I don't want to act stupid when he's around, but somehow, he always ends up finding me, even when I walk off down the hall when I see that he's at the nurse's station. My hands always get ice-cold and I always drop stuff when he walks by! (Hopefully nobody notices!) He's married and I work with him so it's totally off limits, but flirting with him means I pretty much get my patient's needs met asap whenever he's on call! The older nurses poke fun at him because of it lol! It makes going to work a little more bearable! I'm so glad someone posted this because now I don't feel so weird to have a crush on a doc!
  10. by   Cat_LPN
    I like male nurses! I don't know why, but I guess it's nice to have someone else who 'gets it' about the job, haha. And they don't have to take their work home either
  11. by   kakamegamama
    Nope. A slippery slope when married, which I was as a student. Was married to a CPA, and now an engineer....
  12. by   whichone'spink
    Doctors, no. Nurses, yes. One nurse in particular does it for me.
  13. by   canesdukegirl
    OK, a bit off topic, but funny nonetheless.

    There is a new cardiac surgeon who thinks he is "Da GOODS". He even wears a chain around his neck-ack! For some reason, he thinks that all of the nurses go weak-kneed when he is around. He does the whole 'leaning on the desk with one arm to talk and then winks' routine. GAWD!

    So one day he had some students observing in the OR. I was in charge that day, so I had to go and get scrubs for them. He overheard me tell them that I would be right back with their scrubs, and he said, "Hey Canes, how 'bout you get me a pair too. I am running low." Then he shot me that dreadful wink. My knee jerk reaction was to say, "OK. Can you put me on your payroll since I am doing errands for you?" But instead, a sinister thought ran through my head, an evil plan was formulated, and I went to the scrub machine to retrieve some scrubs.

    I came back to the desk and handed the students their scrubs. I handed the surgeon his as well, colored pant string up. He was in the middle of a conversation with my nurse manager. I politely interrupted them and said, "Here are your freshly pressed scrubs, Dr. X." He said, "Well Oh My Goodness. What a good girl. Thank you so much." I noticed that my NM was trying very hard to keep a straight face, because she knew my intent, and understood the joke long before he did. Then he looked down at the scrubs I handed him and said, "Oh wait up...these are 4X scrubs. I wear an XL." As innocently as I could, I replied, "I am so sorry! I thought that you would be more comfortable in large scrubs. You know, large enough for you AND your ego." He never winked at me again!