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Ever know someone who has a major crush on a doctor? Then you have to be extra nice to all the doctors so it's not so obvious that your so nice to your crush doctor. Then your co-workers name 6... Read More

  1. by   nurseadi
    ok here is the thing i am in the last semester of nursing school and i have a crush on one of the resident docs. everyday i think more and more about him and his acts makes me think he feels what i am feeling. the past 3 weeks he was using every reason he got to talk to me but i was scared to death even to look at him. i will change clinical site in 4 weeks and i am worried that i won't have a chance to see him again unless i do something now. i really like him. what should i do. please some advice.
  2. by   ghillbert
    Wait til you're leaving that site, then give him your numbers and tell him to call you. If he does, great. If he doesn't, concentrate on school!
  3. by   sharpeimom
    when i had been out of school about a year or so, i began to date a chief resident from south america.
    we had dated about 18 months when he decided he wanted to return home to practice when he finished his program. he was reconstruction and plastics and wanted to help kids with birth defects. he was drop dead gorgeous, tall, funny, clever, but i just couldn't go that far away for the rest of my life.

  4. by   SoundofMusic
    Well, being in my mid 40's as a new nurse, I can't say I feel seriously about any of the docs, but the younger interns and residents are sure nice to look at. I enjoy seeing them and working alongside them. I have to say, though -- a lot of them are also sorta geeky.

    One attending would have absolutely either flirted w/ or jumped on if I was 20 years younger. He is tall and very sexy -- but most of all, just super nice and pays attention to you if you're helping him out. He actually calls me by name now as we have worked together a bit, so that's a nice thing. I think he's a fabulous younger doctor as well -- very charming and different.

    As I said . ..if I was only 20 years younger . ..heh-heh.

    Now the older docs -- my age and older -- FORGET IT. Most of them are so cross and crabby I wouldn't touch them w/ a ten foot pole -- even the good looking ones. They are just SNARLY. I know they work hard, but their nastiness is not at all flattering. Do they even realize it??

    Whatever -- I guess they're not there to snag dates. LOL. :chuckle
  5. by   . Z A C H
    I should have been a doctor.
  6. by   mandymae
    Be careful! (although I have a crush on our ER Dr. but I don't work in ER)
  7. by   sharpeimom
    the south american reconstruction surgeon mentioned in an earlier post, once put a warm carton of 6 glass bottles of beer in my freezer without telling me, then forgot all about them. i think i showed admirable restraint when i didn't kill him after they exploded inside my freezer. whatta mess!!

  8. by   nurseadi
    ok today best thing happened. the resident doc i mentioned in my previous post gave me his # and told me to call him. I still have more clinical (2 weeks) where he is working. should i call him or wait till i finish. i really love to go out with him but i am afraid if that will have any effect on my school. any advise please.
  9. by   dreamon
    Let him know you are interested and explain that you are swamped until the week after next. Assure him after that you'll be able to go out on a date with him.

    I think that is best so you can let him know you are available, while keeping things professional. Good luck and be smart.
  10. by   elizabeth8503RN
    Almost dated a med student, 4th year, thank God I didn't. Turns out he was a bit of an idiot, and if I had been dating him I wouldn't have met my amazing boyfriend. He's an ex-marine, and even though he doesn't understand everything that I do as a nurse, he understands that it can be difficult and he is always there for me. So, from my perspective, I would rather date anyone, including an unemployed high-school drop-out than a doctor...
    But that's just my worth....
  11. by   YngAnabaptistRadical
    Let me preface this by saying that I am boy-crazy! I develop crushes on men from all walks of life! So naturally, being a nurse and working around doctors, I would develop a few on them!
    I spent an entire summer desperately infatuated with an Internal Medicine resident. He knew it, too, and so did everyone in the darn hospital! He liked me, too, but you know what I found out at the end of the summer? He had a girlfriend the entire time. Apparently I was his "hospital girlfriend." Whatever that is!
    Right now, there is another Internal Medicine resident (I just can't stay away from them, I guess) whose presence gives me a run of V-Tach! I started doing the nice hair and makeup thing, too. Sadly, I rarely get to see him so who knows if anything will come of this. Whatever, it's all fun and gives me a sight for sore eyes once in a while.

    Naomi Grace, RN
  12. by   mykrosphere
    i have had a raging crush on an on call night doc for months.
    im not really impressed by anyone.
    perhaps its chemical.
    who knows.
    of course, i would never approach the subject with him.
    he makes me sweat.
    fantasy is sometimes better than reality.
  13. by   lexie'smama
    my NS instructor spent almost a whole lecture on the importance of "never get your honey, where you make your money!" Valuable lesson i think! lol