1. So there it was the start of my shift.....

    Insane patient load......

    The lab guy was on the floor looking frazzled.....

    He said hey, the guy in room so and so has a picc right? I say yup...

    He said hey can you draw from the picc for these two tests...I will leave the tubes for you......

    even though it was gonnna be way hard on my time I told him no worries....


    A stat order comes in for blood cultures on one of my pts.....

    Day is going crappy and this is just another monkey wrench.....

    I grab the kits and put them on pts bedside table and run to answer a light.....

    When I get back, there is the lab guy telling me...hey man, I got this....

    We smiled at eachother and I said thanks man......

    Awesome team work
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  3. by   amoLucia
    Smiling here too!
  4. by   Mrsearly2009
    This what nursing is all about!
  5. by   aboucherrn
    Love it!!!
  6. by   bearcat194
    ??? Newbie here, can someone please explain???
  7. by   merlee
    bearcat194 - - Nurse drew blood from PICC line so the lab tech didn't need to stick pt #1. Later, lab tech saw the blood culture bottles for a different patient, and drew those labs so the nurse didn't have to. Collaboration - each helps the other.
  8. by   MsPiggy
    Makes life so much easier when we work together! Love this story :0) I'm really lucky to
    be in a situation where everyone works well together & helps each other out.

    Heck, when I take a day off my boss & the case management assistants work my caseload for me
    so I don't come back to a big old stack data to be entered. I seriously work with a GREAT team.

    I hope after I finish my RN I can find a place to work with such good collaberation and kind co-workers.
    Sure makes your day much more pleasant, even when it gets nuts.
  9. by   bearcat194
    Sweeet, thanks merlee.
  10. by   Aeterna
    It's good to hear these kinds of stories! I wish there was more collaboration in my workplace, but I'm seeing small improvements here and there.

    When I first started working, morale was very low. It was a "every nurse for her/himself" kind of mentality - no one answered any one else's call bells, only a select few nurses would offer you help if you were swamped, etc.

    One of the big things I was trained to do as a nursing student was to think ahead to the next shift and prepare anything the oncoming nurses will need. In my fourth year placement, night shift prepared any IV lines that were going to be needed for day shift, for example. Nothing of the sort was going on in my workplace, and everyone just complained all the time.

    But I stuck to my training and did my best to prepare everything for the oncoming shift, particulary if I was working nights (because there's usually a couple of hours in the dead of night where there's not a whole lot to do). I've had to prepare up to 8 different IV lines on a night shift for the next shift once, but I did it and hung them in the rooms they were needed in. All the nurses would watch me and ask me what I was doing. I told them, "Getting these ready for day shift!" I'm pretty sure I was the only one doing it back then so they probably thought I was crazy.

    Now, though? I've noticed that a few other nurses have caught on to this practice, too. One of the more junior nurses told me, "I followed you in the shift after yours and I loved it. Everything was perfect. Everything was prepared for me. So now, I try to do the same when I work." I love thinking that perhaps I'm making little changes here and there to make things work more smoothly!