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Does anyone else here have a problem with bossy Unit Clerks? The unit clerks at my telemetry unit seem to add to the already unbearable stress levels. I don't know how to deal with them because... Read More

  1. by   ERNurse752
    "Your patients are all FINE! I had them YESTERDAY!"

    Just because a pt was fine yesterday doesn't mean they can't crash and die today...that's what *assessments* are for!
  2. by   mattsmom81
    yup. They're all fine...that's why they're in the hospital
  3. by   NancyRN
    yup. They're all fine...that's why they're in the hospital

    Hahaha! Gonna USE this line....
  4. by   NancyRN up my courage and called my Nurse Manager and asked for a meeting. She said ok can you come in 15 mins early tomorrow? I have some concerns anyway. Then she proceeded to blindside me with the story of a patient I had a MONTH ago, the nurse following me didn't like it that I left him with work that needed to be done...this, after she's been hounding all of us to leave ON TIME because, as she puts it, "you have to realize there's another shift coming on and you can't do it all."

    I'm crying. I feel betrayed here! Not one word has ever been said to me about work left undone, and I've been feeling pretty good about getting out on time most days. So much for my valuable input. I guess I've just learned to keep my mouth shut and keep my resume up to date.
  5. by   nursejws
    I hate managers like that. :angryfire I'm a student, but I've had managers in other jobs that were the same way. Somedays you feel like what's the point?!?! It doesn't help if you're new either.

    Why do managers, ALL managers, always blast employees for what they do WRONG? Where's the morale in that? I don't mind being told I'm doing something wrong, or could handle something differently, but let me leave the room knowing what I need to improve on, and something positive as dessert.

    Just like my last job. The manager beat me down and made me paranoid. I was semi-good friends with the supervisor, which later bit me in the ass, and she would tell me that the manager liked me and the way I worked, and a few other good things. I was like, then why can't HE tell me these things??? Ugh, I'm so glad I don't work there anymore.
  6. by   nell
    Originally posted by NancyRN
    Another nurse then piped up, "Your patients are all FINE! I had them YESTERDAY!"
    I also wanna know why this nurse didn't have her assignment back. Are you sure you didn't get a difficult group dumped on you?

    Also, I'd be looking for another job - either at another facility or on another unit with a Nurse Manager who could actually manage.
  7. by   Teshiee
    I was a unit clerk for 4 years while going to nursing school and I understand what clerks have to contend with. In L&D there were some RN's who thought their feces had a rosey aroma and felt it was beneath them to do paperwork. I had to tolerate condescending nurses who thought it was my career to be a gopher for nurses but when I spoke their language they stopped it. I know their was some overbearing clerks but if you allowed them to do you that way they will continue. I always felt that if they were busy I wouldn't put more than they can bare and do what I can. In the end they are willing to help you and work with you much easier. I know some nurses think I am traitor but I have walked in their shoes so it is easier to comment on this. Just because their job doesn't require a specialized degree doesn't make them inferior and I know some nurses are guilty in doing that. My personality the way it is didn't tolerate any crap. I respect you and you respect me. Simple. I had a mid wife yell at me because one of the doctors wanted her assistance when I cussed her out she never talked like that to me again. I don't come to work with a chip on my shoulder I treat people the way they treat me I don't care what title you carry. Respect is a two way street.

    If their behavior is unwarranted let them know. Don't tolerate nasty behavior ever.
  8. by   hapeewendy
    I could go on and on in great detail about this as it is a subject that I face EVERY DAY at work....
    but I will keep it short and sweet.... what everyone has posted has validity....
    I find that with the overbearing/obnoxious person I have to deal with daily, the recipe for success is to minimize the amount of conversing you need to do, its true we need to work together but I did an awful lot of nice talking to her before I realized she was nothing but a bitter unhappy woman whose goal it was to spread her misery.
    so now its jus work related/task talk for the two of us and it suits me fine.
    Nurses have had trouble with her before but she is a vindictive little soul who makes it so that if you try to approach her and hash out your problems its even worse for you, so no one tries.
    she really used to upset me, but as a wise person told me, consider the source and rise above it
    this is one of those cases where you need to be the better person.
    In my case it certainly isnt a case of nurses having holier than thou superiority complexes its about a woman , who instead of just coming to work and trying to do the best job she can, comes to work and pizzes and moans for 7.5 hrs (the .5 hr she is on break I dont hear her moaning so I wont count that)
    there is no pleasing some ppl and its just her misguided coping mechanism to project everything onto others
    cheers best of luck!
  9. by   thisnurse
    wow your unit clerks sound like a dream compared to one of ours.
    "if you dont put your admission orders right here (they were not RIGHT in front of her) i am not putting in your orders."
    if you dont do this...if you dont do that not putting in your orders
    one day she came into the conference room during report and SCREAMED AT ME ...i was just GETTING report about a pt who was a surprise transfer...(you know the ones, you dont know they are being transferred until the ambulance gets there)
    the ambulance driver was going to leave, he wasnt waiting ...blah blah blah...i better get out there RIGHT NOW...blah blah blah...and this unit secretary is red faced and screaming at me. meantime the nurse who was before me was already in the room taking out his IV.
    i told her she needed to calm down and go take a look in that room before she went off...after report i found the manager standing beside the UC. so i started asking questions like ....why were you so upset? did the ambulance driver threaten you? ....queer questions that hinted to the manager we might have a clerk that used to work for postal service.
    our secretaries run staggered shifts. one starts at 6am, one at 7...ect. i was getting ready to go into report and the doc was just writing orders for one of my pts. the secretary who started at 6 took the chart and said she would put the orders in. i came out of report and there was the clerk from he11 screaming at me because she thought i took those orders and set them on her desk for her to put in when she came in. (on nights we put our own orders in) the sane secretary had set the chart down and went to check something so all the crab saw was the chart sitting there and she just assumed i left them for her.
    thing that irks me is that i dont take advantage of our secretaries. i put in my own orders when im not busy. i help them when im not busy and i ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS put in my own verbals no matter what. (i think the person who takes the verbal SHOULD be the person who puts the order in..cuts down on confusion)
    on nurses day we got a candy bar. she was mad about this...'the nurses get everything. they get all the money. they get everything and we get nothing. and they are the first to complain how hard they work"
    i burst out laffing. "how much do you think we make?"
    she said...30 bucks an hour....this made me roar.
    "where do YOU work?"
    i told her when i took over the world i would pay her 30 bucks an hour ...till then maybe she should just shut up...she said...lolololol...THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN...lololol(another one of my dreams shot to hell)

    one very very busy day i had the nerve to go to the bathroom. i didnt know that i had to report this to her. i got out of the bathroom and she started yelling at me and telling me if i ever "disappear" again and she has to call around to find me she is reporting me. xray called for me and i couldnt be found and she KNOWS they are reporting me. this behavior almost makes me laff. ...i said...oh well...i just saw our manager here...where did she go? ill get this straightened out right now.
    oh no she said...i have already taken care of it.
    i thanked her...lmao

    the funny thing is every time she tries to bully me it blows up in her face. EVERY time.
    and its not that i dislike her...i like her very much...she just is a bully and i guess she is the very last to learn that i wont be bullied by anyone.

    as for getting the same assignment...where i work the assignment generally is determined by shift. if i work 12 today i wont get the same pts if i work 8 tomorrow.

    dont you hate the idiots that chime in when nobody is talking to them?
    that was one of the most stupid things i have ever heard of a nurse saying.
    no lie....i would have just looked at her and said emotionless...."thats mindboggling"
    and given her no more attention.

    dont let anyone push you around...if you start that you will quickly become the unit doormat.
  10. by   sbic56
    It appears by this thread that we must be very fortunate to have the gem of a ward clerk that we do. I would surely hesitate to refer to her as merely ancillary staff. She is essential and the glue that holds the unit together day by day.:kiss for my ward clerk!!!
  11. by   alwaysthere
    Love our ward clerk! She used to be an Restorative Aide. ( A CNA with extra hours/training in P.T.) till some guy ran into her car.
  12. by   thisnurse
    we have a secretary that is absolutely AMAZING. she knows in her HEAD.. most of the phone extensions in the hospital. she knows policy and procedure better than any of us. she gets EVERYTHING done. and she is the person i go to for help.
    i am truly awestruck by the way she does her job.
  13. by   mattsmom81
    I guess nursing school should include a course on "How to work with difficult people" to prepare our new nurses for the world they are entering, eh?

    I had a manager who 'punished' staff too....... everytime one of us asked for a meeting she took the opportunity to collect dirt to throw at us. <sigh> It's like 'don't bother me or I'll make you regret it.'

    I wish I had all the answers on how to deal with nasty people on the job. I do know it's important to develop a stone face and calm, professional responses....totally avoid becoming a victim of these jerks who enjoy upsetting others. Standing up for ourselves professionally and calmly confronting all the mixed messages we get on the job is a good 'so boss, do you want me out on time OR do you want every scrap of paperwork completed??? I cannot do both...

    I had a day shift US who came in 45 minutes early every morning to 'move into her space' at the desk. I was night charge on a busy unit AND without a secretary, and I was assembling last minute lab works, calling docs, wrapping up the last details of my shift as well as making day shift assignments, etc. and she delighted in getting in my way....never helping, just 'moving her stuff in for the day', making personal calls, sitting in my chair, etc...<grrr> I took her aside and told her it must stop, that she was disrupting my change of shift routine and there was no reason for her to be there at that time of the morning, and I would be glad to take this to the Critical Care Director if this practice did not stop.

    She was always very careful around me after that...but she ran roughshod over the day shift charge nurses who did NOT stand up to her.