Being called a racial slur by a patient I sat? - page 3

I made another thread about this patient, they were suicidal so obviously not in the right state of mind but I'm still bothered by hearing that word. In the 20 years I lived within America I never... Read More

  1. by   billswife
    Any patient who requires a "sitter" it's not low risk or uncomplicated. Why do you think they needed a sitter to start with? And what did you think your job as a sitter was, if not to keep the patient safe (in other words, prevent falls, keep them from pulling out lines and tubes, etc.)?
    From reading your other post it seems to me that perhaps you frequently see yourself as a victim of management, co-workers and patients. Looking for a confrontation in every situation comes across as entitled and immature, and probably not a good fit for a healthcare career.
  2. by   RNOTODAY
    You need to just let it GO, obviously the patient has issues... you will be called many more names in your job in the future, it's a given... I've been called a whore, ugly, fat ( I'm a size 2).... you just ignore, it's a non issue... these patients have psych/ behavioral issues, that's WHY they required a SITTER
  3. by   3ringnursing
    I loath that word.

    That was the only word my son was never allowed to utter as a teen. I once reprimanded a guest of my son's who was sleeping over for using that word to describe himself. Then we had a long talk about respect - respect of self and respect for others.

    I'm sorry this patient said that to you - out of it, or not. It had to have hurt (Hugs).