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As a newly graduated nurse, I am still in the midst of trying to grow in self confidence and improve my critical thinking skills. I have only been working as a nurse for four months now and there is... Read More

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    Quote from claireswish
    Addressed to gcupi:
    Your statement of "If it was that crucial the patient would be dead." is unacceptable and ignorant.
    My little boy died due to a seemingly non-crucial mistake a nurse made. It worries me a nurse would make a statement like this. I would fire you had I heard you make this comment in my hospital. It is calloused.
    I'm so glad that "HE"knows my tomorrow and that there is more than one hospital that can appreciate my skill-set. What is unacceptable is the yelling in a professional environment. Ignorant? Im ignorant of your credentials but I can assure you I'm registered. The statement is meant to be taken figuratively. Did the patient die? (No).... Could the patient have died? (Yes) The patient did not die. The Lesson was learned by the op so its time to move on.

    We are sorry to hear of your loss....
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    "HE" holds my tomorrow...