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  1. by   not-nancy-nurse
    I'm sensing the love here (LOL)! Seriously, I appreciate all the time and thought you guys (&gals!) have put into giving me some advice on a VERY tough issue!

    I've struggled with this for awhile, and will probably continue to struggle with it--but it's good to know that I'm not alone in the experience and that others have survived. I'm still learning, and I hope to continue to learn. Every encounter has a lesson to teach. The trick is to get far enough past the anger to see what that lesson is.

    I'll be the first to jump in and help, but I'm going to take the advice given by several people on this thread and be a little more proactive in asking people to do things by saying something like "Let's go do this..." or "Come help me turn this one." Maybe that will work. Maybe I came off as bossy as Mito took me to be, whether I meant to or not. Like I said, I'm still new at this.

    However, I have no intention of letting my patients receive sub-standard care. If I have to suck it up and do it myself, I will, but I'll be looking for someplace else to do it. I need a TEAM, not a babysitting gig! I know there are places out there with people who feel the same way I do--if this is "new-grad-itis," then I don't want to get over it. I want the best for my patients. I expect the other people involved in their care to want it too, and to work towards it. The CNA's aren't working for me, they're working for the patients. I am too. That's the point, isn't it?

  2. by   not-nancy-nurse
    I'm breathing....aaaahhhhhhhh!.......

  3. by   Terrie
    I was a CNA for 15 yrs before becoming an RN. Most nurses treat CNA's like they are dirt when in reality the job that they do is very tough. Try giving compliments for the thinks they do right. Help them help you. If it's time for that blood sugar to be done, ask for it 15 minutes before it needs to be done. Ask nicely and if that does not work maybe they need a copy of their job description given to them. If all else fails write them up.
    Terrie RN
  4. by   essarge
    I was under the impression that now that CNA's are liscensed that they could be reported the same as any nurse. I think that part of the reason for training and liscensure was so they are held accountable for their actions. By not doing the things in their job/practice wouldn't that be considered negligence?

    I was a CNA for a very long time and always played as a team player. Why some CNA's seem to think that the standards of practice are lower really need to go back for a refresher course on what their practice entails, or be reported to their state liscensure board for negligence!!!!
  5. by   grnvillechick
    word to Mito...get over YOURSELF...pluleeze.....if you have been a aide for 7 of all people should be setting a proper example of teamwork...your attitude is the very reason we have to deal with lazy aides....and to be DO work for the nurse...she is the one with the license..she is the one who will be in court if you decide to NOT do what she asks of you...if you are a student as it reads...BOY!!! I want to be a fly on the wall when you wake up and realize what this person is going thru.....
  6. by   Cardiolo
    Hey Not-Nancy

    Hope your situation has been better for you. Please let us know how you are getting along
  7. by   mcl4
    Originally posted by P_RN
    Over on the nursing issues/patient safety forum there is a good post from a new nurse. This needs more comments. OK?

    It sounds like this one nursing assistant is split between several nurses and I would assume she/he would have several task outside Nancy's assignment?
  8. by   nurs4kids
    You guys are being a bit harsh on CNA's. They, JUST LIKE NURSES, have some good apples and some bad. To generalize all is unfair. Also, they do NOT work for nurses, they work with nurses. This attitude is what causes some of the attitudes we get slung back at us. We do NOT sign their paychecks, hence they do not work for US! I've never had a problem with a CNA, and I ALWAYS refer to the task to be done as "will you assist me with...", "do you mind doing...while I do...", etc. You get alot more bees with honey...alot more chicken shi# with cockiness.

    I, for one, love CNA's.
  9. by   RNforLongTime
    Originally posted by Mito
    Simply using the excuse of $#@% runs downhill onto the NA's is not going to help this RN with her problem. I don't have a problem working with RN's the ones with attitude problem quickly run out of steam when left on their own with their superior attitude.

    I have worked in LTC's and hospital so I am well aware of the surroundings I am graduating into, and if I want advice from any of you on this topic I will ask for it just like not-nancy did. Remember it was her who asked for advice not me, your shooting the messenger and not listening to the message.

    Again, Mito dear, you come across with much attitude of your own. And in my response to not nancy nurses question, I offered her some advice. NA's, at least the one's I have worked with in my facility are lazy and need prodded to do their job. but I do Not wish to argue here as this is not the point.
  10. by   frustratedRN
    i so agree that a lot of nurses treat the assistants like crap. i did the assitant thing too and i know what its like on both sides.
    when i get an assitant that even remotely TRIES to do her job i compliment her to everyone ESPECIALLY managent. but there arent too many of those unfortunately.
    i think the assitants that do their jobs for real should make more money than they do. and of course should be held accountable like a nurse.

    what i TRY to do whenever i can is go on rounds with them. im not obtrusive or anything i just say hey after report lets go to the patients rooms together. that way i can do my assesment while you do the vitals and we can both clean them up or whatever needs done. that seems to work great...when i can do it.

    i had a code one night and was going nuts. four hours...yes four hours later after all was said and done my assitant was tired. i found her in an empty room sitting in a recliner watching tv with the door closed.
    i couldnt believe it.
    of course i didnt let her get away with it. i just kept going back in and giving her more tasks. she didnt like that so she came out to the floor.

    and so you see im not just being picky or exaggerating about our assistants...this is the kind of crap i deal with daily.
    and has she been reported? countless times. countless staff. and yet there she is.

    so i think well if management is not going to
    do anything then why should i babysit her?
    they KNOW whats going on.
  11. by   frustratedRN
    i figure by the time im near the end of my career ill be taking:

    some htn med
    prevacid or zantac
    some strong nsaid for my bad back
    prozac for depression
    ativan for nerves
    and digoxin

    nurses are on
  12. by   GPatty
    I am currently a CNA who works in a LTC. A prime example on my unit is one nurse who fancies herself to be a god, and another who is kind and loving. The nurse who fancies herself god-like is a B$%#@ who orders everyone around EXCEPT her CNA buddies who go out and party with this nurse on occasion. This nurse is rude to the residents (I have heard her myself) and very obnoxious to very nearly everyone. She will allow certain "aides" to sit up at the desk and do nothing (talk on the phone, eat snacks, go outside and smoke, etc...) while she calls other aides from the floor to pick up these others slack. One certain day, I was supposed to be the shower aide and when she decided to go out and smoke and take another aide with her after breakfast, the aide shoved a breakfast cart AT me while the nurse told me to take the cart back. I did it, but it wasn't my duty that morning! Now I can see doing it if the other aide was busy, or if we were behind, but to allow her to go out and smoke... and I do her work? No... I think not.
    And the other problem I have encountered is that it seems that some nurses, when they graduate, "forget where they have come from" so to speak. One day I was working with a lovely girl who was awaiting the results of her RN, and the next day was working with Hitler's sister! She turned into a demanding, demeaning soul who had forgotten what it is like out on the floor with only 4 aides and 60 patients...
    So, it could be both sides of the fence. Did you change? Maybe the girls you used to work with are afraid of your advancement and are treating you as a "deserter"?
    I've already said that I cannot work in the LTC once I graduate, because of the attitudes that people have there. And I AM NOT going to be run over by the nonsense. I am going into nursing to be able to nurse, not to be a referee between aides and nurses.
    Sorry I rambled on so...Hope it helped at least a little bit.
    Good Luck!
  13. by   dstout-rn

    Hi I agree with alot that has been posted here. I have been a nurse for two years now and I can't belive what I have read by some people here. I started my health care career as a Student Nurse Aide then became an ER Tech in a Level One Trauma Center. I was treated very badly by some RN's as an aid. What always amazed me is they knew I was a nursing student but acted like I didn't have two brains cells that connected. I vowed that when I became the RN I would never treat an aid like that, and to this day I haven't. When I see RN's treat an aid like a dog it usually comes from those who for the grace of God didn't have to actually step into a hospital except to walk in as a know it all nursing student and then as the high and mighty RN. Yes I am fully aware of the responsibilities of the RN however that license doesn't say anywhere that you are alowed to treat those you are to provide leadership like dogs. As many nurses are aware we are not exactly thrilled when a Doctor belittles us. The defense many of you have used about your actions towards NA's is that we are there boss well the doctor is our boss he is responsible for our actions indirectly. Just for your information I have my BSN and worked full time during most of nursing school and during my last semester of nursing school I attended EMT classes and finished top in my class there. I now work as a travel nurse in three states and LOVE nursing. We as nurses are not the "boss" we are leaders and teachers if you treat most NA's in this manner you will be amazed with the results.