Accused of being too busy and not "social" enough?? (long) - page 3

I work in a fairly busy ICU, in which it is not uncommon for us to get 3-6 sick admissions/transfers on the night shift alone. So tonight I was confronted by a fellow co-worker (who was charge on... Read More

  1. by   Ms Kylee
    Geez.... this week I got accused of being "too social" with the patients and families... all because I DARED to ask a patient if they wanted their bed changed, and I gave my preceptor's one patient a bath because she was busy doing vitals. My baths were pretty much done except one was sleeping, and the other one could do themself, but wasn't doing it fast enough to suit the one nurse on the floor. All this resulted in my preceptor hauling my butt into a room and saying I had to "move faster". Then she said that the nurses all like me, and the patients "adore" me. I told my preceptor I can move faster, but I can't change who I am, and if I spoil my patients because I asked if they wanted their bed changed, then so be it.... Things settled down the next day.... but still.... :angryfire