a small gift to preceptors

  1. Is it ok, good or no need or bad to give a small gifts to my preceptors when my new grad program ends (during x'mas holiday)? I appreciate their efforts. But I dont want to do something make them uncomfortable.
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  3. by   rkitty198
    As a preceptor myself I think a thoughtful card is enough. Maybe a kind review written to the manager or the head of the education program to place in the preceptors employee/personal file. I enjoy precepting!
    It is not a "half the load" kind of a thing because it is almost double the work. Making sure that the patient is safe, the new grad is safe and the new grad gets as much information/skills etc packed into a short amount of time (management is always trying to cut the orientation period, for which I have to fight for and protect!)
    I have precepted 8 new grads this year.
    I think the thank you is seeing them succeed. One of my "grads" was sitting at the bedside of her patient holding his hand talking to him and it brought a huge smile to my face, not because I taught her that skill, but because I hope that I taught her enough time management skills to be able to set time aside to do these things that we as nurses wish we had more time for.
  4. by   decembergrad2011
    Gifts are always appreciated. I haven't received them from licensed nurses, but from almost all my nursing students. But one of my favorite students I've ever precepted is the only one so far that did not actually get me anything and I didn't think about it negatively.

    They usually would get me Starbucks gift cards, a nice handwritten note, and maybe a trinket like bath bomb or candy. Things that were inexpensive and practical and sweet. The meaning behind it was awesome, and my favorite part is ALWAYS the cards.
  5. by   3ringnursing
    Gifts say, "Not only do I appreciate all that you did for me, I also took the time to think of you right back".

    I have a fake cut crystal soap dish a family of an ICU patient gave me +20 yr's ago (I keep rings in it) and every time I look at it I still smile.

    Technically we weren't supposed to accept gifts, but I could tell not accepting it and giving them a truly heartfelt hug would be insulting. Plus, I'm sure it didn't cost more than a few dollars, which makes it more special.

    Get him or her something, it doesn't have too be expensive. They will be pleasantly surprised. And write your feelings in a card. That will mean a lot to your preceptor.

    You have a good heart to think of that person.
  6. by   Kooky Korky
    I think (just my opinion) a thank you card and a small gift are nice.

    By small, I mean no more than maybe $25. I started to say $10 but remembered that milk, bread, eggs, just basic stuff costs that much.

    Take in some bagels and cream cheese or holiday cookies for the whole group that helped you and a gift card to someplace your preceptor likes is nice.

    If money is a problem for you, don't do the group thing now but do it after you've been working there for a while.

    What types of gifts are you considering? And how many preceptors are you talking about?
  7. by   Kooky Korky
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