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Hey guys,

For some of us working a number of PRN or Per Diem Jobs has been a way of life.

I wanted to know if you guys list all those PRN/ per Diem jobs on job applications? Or do you leave them out & disclose them verbally?



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I would list them, if i was actually actively working for them. I myself never ever list only briefly held jobs, ever. But, if you have been an employee of some agency for quite a while, and actually working hours for them, an active employee, yes, by all means, list that experience.

The length of time you were held as their employee, and the variety of experiences you had while there, is probably a plus, imo.


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Thanks for your input Jean! I was thinking the same thing. Something PRN short lived may still have a negative impact.


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I usually put the name of the agency and then list all of the facilities I work for through them


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What if its not an agency, but just a job that's PRN status?


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I'd list it and specify it was PRN--it shows that you have been working and do have experience, plus shows you're flexible!