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I'm graduating in May and looking at positions available for new ADN grads. One hospital offers a new grad fellow program in the "nurse admin" department and doesn't require a BSN. It's my understanding that nurse admin jobs require at least a BSN and to be experienced. The job description is pretty vague other than it is for "early career/entry level" applicants. Can anyone shed some light on what this position could entail as a new grad?

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Take it lol! Probably just means it is run out of that department.


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They offer so many new grad programs though! I'm not interested in med-surg but I thought an admin job might be cool. I applied to their peds and nicu programs but haven't heard back yet


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No one here can know what that job entails, we are not clairvoyants and guesses are useless. You should call the personal department and inquire directly as to what the job duties are.


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My hospital has a job posting like that its a new grad residency program not a real nursing admin position.