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What is the drug NTP stand for? Seeing many different things the main thing I am asking is NTP iv drip. anyone can help


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nitroprusside? I think I spelled that wrong..

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I actually think it is nitropaste. Is the order usually NTP 1 inch to ACW q 6 hours or something like that? I used to work at a different facility and we gave nitropaste with severe HTN and it worked fairly well for getting BP down. This was 5 years ago and I worked on a med surg floor.

That is what I have seen in the past.

NTP means nitropaste and is only applied topically. It contains nitroglycerin but is only in this paste form.

You may mean a NTG drip and that is nitroglycerin, it is used usually for someone that is having chest pain or coming from a cath lab and is used to decrease the blood pressure.

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