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I have a question....

Is anybody a member of the NSNA? If so, do y'all recommend joining? I'd love some input on this. Thanks!


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I had to join when I started school. $29 later and I still don't know what it is doing for me...but then, I am a newbie. :)

Sorry this wasn't a big help to your question.:chuckle


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I thought I had joined last year, but never rec'd anything :) my fault, I should have contacted them. :)


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I was a member while in school. Our chapter was okay. We had picnics, parties, and at different times, they would set up lunch tables in the hallways for long class days. They did fund-raisers and then would give away neat things during the picnics and parties. I think it just depends on the participation level in your school. Also, ALL of our instructors participated in all the activities. That seemed to help. Good luck and ya'll have a good semester.


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I just joined a few days ago. I am hoping to take advantage of the health insurance offered through them. That was my main motivation for joining.

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I just recently joined so I'm not sure if its worth it or not. I think the is probably worth it; and I may be looking into the health insurance also. Belonging to a nursing organization is also a plus when applying for scholarships. Hope this helped.


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I was in NSNA when I was in nursing school. My school chapter did sponsor a lot of activities however the real benefit for me was being able to go to the NSNA Conventions for free as my school sponsored a few students (via essay contest). That was my main purpose for joining. When you go to a NSNA Convention then you realize why you joined and reap the benefits. Enjoy :D

PS- If you don't like what you NSNA school chapter is doing, be PROACTIVE and suggest things or start activities.


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I am the VP for our semester class for our school. I think the NSNA is great...

Every month at our meetings we have someone come and talk to us. It is always a different nursing topic. I have enjoyed each one. Each meeting also they feed us....BIG PLUS!!

I am going to the convention this Wednesday and I am so excited. I'm surprised more people aren't talking about it. There are so many classes I'm going to attend and then there's the exhibit hall where different things are going on.

I am going for free too. We had enough fundraisers that our school is sending 6 students and one faculty to Kansas City, MO and footing the bill. What an experience I'm going to have. I'll let you know how it turns out!

Join and get your school active and excited about it. :p


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Now, what does this NSNA stand for? Apparently, our school doesn't have it and it sounds like a good deal if health insurance is offered.

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It stands for National Student Nurses Association.


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Another question...

If my school doesn't offer membership, should I go ahead and join independently? What difference does it make with benefits and all that, if any?



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yes join independently. i did before i even attended the first meeting with my school chapter.

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