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NRP classes


Hey All....

I am an OB nurse at a rural hospital in Eastern WA. I am currently the NRP instructor there. We offer NRP for free to any interested employee, but recently we have had a lot of interest in non-employees. Does anyone have any idea how much we should charge for non-employees to tak the class? The book itself is $40...The administration and I have completely different ideas of what is fair. Any input would be great!!


It was 100$, book included when I took it last. Seemed reasonable.

Why would you offer NRP to the general public? It is not appropriate for lay people. Infant CPR maybe but not NRP.


I would n't think of offering it to the "lay public"... I didn't mean to give you that impression.....I will offer the class to other RN's, RT's, Doctors etc...from other hospitals/clinics....

charge the book fee and twice your hourly salary...should be about right!

just a suggestion.


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haze how ARE you?????????


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Hi Amber,

I just registered for NRP here in Sunny California. $120.00 w/book.

Just had a quick question. Any other options you could think of for my unique situation?

I am a traveling nurse, work L&D. Last month I registered for NRP, took half the class, then called back to the floor to work. The instructor said she would run the megacodes with me to finish up my renewal. All good so far.

I finally tracked her down 13 days and she tells me her hospital wont pay for her to do this???? I paid out of pocket for the class, and by that time my NRP expired, and I am out of work 2 1/2 wks waiting for and inital NRP class.

Any suggestions would be a great help.


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