NP thoughts on office managers?


I'm a new grad NP and through my clinicals I've encountered that most NP's don't like the office manager (mainly, I think because these are non clinical personnel trying to tell clinicians how to do their job so they can collect more money). I had a preliminary interview with an office I'm considering (and have been invited to interview at formally but it's far away and hence expensive) but I found the office manager to be a snob and I really didn't like her personality. She also seemed too bossy all the while trying so hard to say she was really casual- it was bizarre.

I don't know how to interpret this. Should I let this possibility go away based on my impression of her- how big of a role would she have in my life if I took this job?

Any thoughts? Thanks :)

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Our practice manager (not office manager) is an MBA who manages the entire practice. She sets the tone for the office. I do not interact with her frequently but when I do I know she is all business and has a goal in mind - to keep our practice profitable.

I like our manager and think you at least have to have some of the same goals


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I actually feel bad for ours. I am in a large multi specialty practice and these pampered specialist spend all day long complaining about everything and most of it nonsense. You could not pay me enough to deal with those spoiled pompous physicians.

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I haven't met an office manager that I actually liked. They're mostly bossy and think I'm their subordinate. I think it makes a difference when they're more educated though. The ones I've met are straight out of high school and worked as an MA for years and just got promoted. Being a good manager needs to be taught.

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At the OP practice where I work the prescribers are treated like gold, which actually we are in the pecking order of things, and I love my office manager.

I guess it depends on the NPs personality and how picky they can afford to be. I personally wouldn't work a job where anyone except the medical director, a physician who I respect, acted as if they were my superior.

Our office manager is amazing. She handles all the business aspects of day to day practice. the site chief (MD) is responsible for clinical management issues for all APPs and MDs. I am so fortunate that both are fabulous at that their job. it really allows for good work/life balance.

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My practice manager is wonderful. She's a great problem solver and makes all of our lives easier.


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A big red flag is waving away at you right at this time. You have concerns when the little voice in your head is trying to say something.

Maybe you really need to listen to it NOW. If you accept this position with the reservations you have NOW, what will happen in 3 months or so and you're MAJORLY dissatisfied?

I realize positions for a newbie such as yourself may not be just cascading to your doorstep, but you are seeing something is amiss and you haven't even started.

Be careful and good luck.


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Oh gosh -- I'm relatively new in the field, but still have not really seen one who seemed to have the ability to effectively really manage, and who just did not seem untrustworthy and smarmy. The one I have now does a lot to make my job easy, but also CONSTANTLY cracks the whip on us in terms of patient volume and a host of other things. She just seems to always be lurking . .... right around the corner, ready to pounce if she sees something out of line. And it is tough at times taking orders from someone you KNOW has likely half or a third the education you do and truly has no understanding of how hard your job is. That said, yes, it's their job to keep the office running at a profit so we can all get paid ...

The one I have now is already driving me crazy. She seems to draw you into her conflicts with others, which is ridiculous, because she doesn't seem to have the balls to stand up to the people whose behavior she wants to correct. She wants everyone to just keep their mouths shut, keep their heads down and do their job .... but it's just so unrealistic. There will always be a little bit of gossip in any office ...will always be a few moments here and there where people who are constantly hustling will sit back and slack a little. There will always be patients who take up a huge amount of time, and there will always be times where you just fail to perform perfectly. This one seems to look at us providers as if we are cattle ....she ALWAYS comes to talk to me during my lunch hour about SOMETHING ....which makes me mad ...I NEED A BREAK ...even just 15 mins to clear my head before the next session ... but she will never leave me alone during this time .... just wish they could view us providers as people/humans who need a little leeway ....but there is none. She's always digging and always saying things like, you need to remember who you work for .....ugh. (not necessarily to me, but says that about others ....actually, I think she's just a little off.) Also tough to see her relaxing, sitting at her desk with her manicured nails and cute outfits, all the while I'm sweaty, running from room to room, with my hands in various patient orifices, and me just trying to keep myself looking like an entirely disheveled mess.

My dream would be to have my own practice where I as the provider ran things .... and eliminate the NEED for this type of person. But not sure that's entirely feasible


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⬆️^^ this, SoundOfMusic, is exactly what I'm referring to; I feel like I kept seeing this in various different practices and I'm already not looking forward to having to deal with it