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Dear Nurse Beth,

I've been an RN for a few years and currently work in the ICU setting. I work nights and even though I'm no longer Full-Time, I'm just burned on night shift. I can't work 12 hour days though for childcare reasons.

An opportunity has presented itself in the PACU for 8 hour days on a PRN basis. Honestly, the schedule is perfect and works with my needs really well. However, I started an ACNP program and graduate in a little over two years. My concern is whether I'll have more difficulty obtaining a job after graduation because I'm no longer in an ICU setting? Will that be frowned upon or will I seem like less of a good fit because it is a less acute setting?

I just don't want to make a choice I'll regret later.

Dear Will I Be Less of a Good Fit?

You should not have difficulty after graduation because you worked PACU for 2 years instead of ICU.

You need to do what is feasible for you now to balance your family, childcare, work and school. Your ICU experience will still carry weight. I would consider this PACU opportunity a gift and a good sign along the way.

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I have heard people opine that PACU should be considered critical care. Just sayin'!

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