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NP and CRNA program combined


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I pondered where to appropriately post this, and a moderator recommended the NP forum for best results.

I am wondering if anyone here knows of any programs in the U.S. that have a dually combined NP and CRNA program?

The why behind this has many personal reasons, but I tried a google search and came up with a bunch of student doctor forum threads way back from 06', and the threads from this website talk about combining the two separately, but not doing the schooling simultaneously.

This option really appeals to me! I know it would be rigorous, but eventually meeting the admission criteria, does anyone know of a school that trains you in BOTH professions together?

Is it even feasible?


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I researched CRNA and Acute Care NP programs quite extensively before I decided the tract I wished to pursue and I am not aware of any university offering both. I've tried to reason through your angle but I really do not understand why you would want both degrees?

I don't think there are any dual programs. CRNA programs are very specific to anesthesia and many programs going towards DNP. Best thing to do is acquire your MSN in anesthesia and later do a post certificate for FNP.

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I've never heard of one either. As an aside, there are universities with a slew of NP programs housed in the "School of Nursing" while the CRNA program is offered at a separate "School of Health Professions". The university I attended is exactly like that - NP's graduate with the MSN degree and CRNA's earn the MS in Anesthesia degree.


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I can't imagine there would even be this type of program in existence- two completely different careers