now considered a restraint?

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Ah different countries,same d@*n problems!!We also use bean chairs for the forgetful ones who think they can walk.Recliners are not as good as they tend to get stuck in parts of them,not the intended outcome you want really.We are only to use lap straps on wheelchairs when the chair is moving.We use a lot of call mats but by the time you get to the room your resident could be on the floor or tottering around in danger of falling onto furniture in the room.I wish the Care Commission would come in and care for some of these confused residents for a whole day,maybe then they would appreciate our dilemma and not accuse us of using restraint all the time:banghead: :angryfire


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Bean chairs were great for one resident we had, but they said it was 'undignified?' I guess a bump on the head is?

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