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Hello, I saw that there wasn't a thread created for the fall term 2018 in nova. I wanted to know if anybody is already studying for the test, and if so, what book are you using to study?

Hi thank you for creating this post....I am applying to several schools and I have to take the HESI so Im studying for it since the advisors at nova have told me the kaplan is very similar. Its the same material anyways.

Hello all!

The HESI 2 test is pretty basic, but there are a BUNCH of practice tests online for all subjects if you are not too sure of where to start, or do not want to buy the practice book. I scored an 86 overall on my first try just from retaining basic information and going through the practice tests a few times. The sciences were definitely the hardest of all the sections, so I would recommend going over those practice tests more than anything.

I can let you know that the Nursing Admissions Committee is very understanding. They tend to look at overall and science GPAs, but the science GPA only consists of your chemistry, anatomy and physiology, and microbiology classes and labs. NSU works more on a first come first serve basis rather than comparing you to the pool of applicants. I applied already and was unfortunately declined admission due to my GPA being below their minimum, but the director of the program reached out and said if I can get above their standards, they'll offer me an interview for Fall 2018. I feel that as long as you show you are passionate about the program and that you are willing to work for it, they'll offer an interview! You could always call and find out where to send supplemental items such as letters of recommendation, personal letters, or anything of that sort. Good luck to us all!! I'll definitely be in touch after the Winter 2018 when I resubmit my application!! :)

Have you all applied to the program yet? I applied a few weeks ago and still have not heard back D:


Did you send your transcripts? I'm taking Microbilology this semester (the only left), do you think they'd accept my application?


What is you gpa? If you don't mind to share...


I haven't sent my application, but I'll send before January ends... I'm also studying for the test.

You can send in your transcripts and application if you're taking the last of your prerequisite courses. You just need everything to be either completed or in progress.

If you already applied, the Nursing Committee takes a while to review applications and receive transcripts. You could be waiting more than a month for an emal or letter.

Hi, I applied to NSU in November 2017. I received a phone call about the Winter term 2018, but the only campus they had available was Miami, so my application was changed to Fall 2018 (Miami would have been a very long drive for me.) When I did speak to them I was told I wouldnt hear back until sometime in the middle of January. However, last Friday I received a letter in the mail notifying me that all my classes being transferred were accepted. I called today to find out if there was anything I need to do and was told to just sit tight, they are reviewing the application and they will inform me if I am eligible or ineligible. I am very anxious and excited. I was reading other posts on here about previous years and what the process is. I know right now its a waiting game, I just wish there online application area gave you more information on where you are in the process.

I applied back in November just to get the whole application process done. About 2 days ago I got a call from NOVA reminding me to send out transcripts, but I haven't yet because I'm missing two classes in the summer so they told me to just send my transcripts once I have chosen my summer classes to have something available in the system for me. Also, I bought the Kaplan nursing school entrance exams book to study. Good luck to everybody!

I applied to NOVA during the beginning of January. Today I got a call to set up my interview date. Im so nervous!!!! Does anyone have an interview date yet?

I applied to NOVA during the beginning of January. Today I got a call to set up my interview date. Im so nervous!!!! Does anyone have an interview date yet?

I haven't heard back yet. Hoping to hear soon, all my stuff has been in for a few months. That's so awesome about your interview! When is it for? :)

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