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For students got accepted into NOVA for winter program like me.

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Hey. I applied for the Spring 2020 for Davie Campus. I have received a call, and they told me that they will review fall application next week.

It probably means winter 2020 is full and you are being transfer to fall 2020

No . I mean Spring 2020. It is not full yet for Spring 2020 for Davie Campus.

Have you got accepted yet for Spring 2020 ?

yes Im gonna start 2020 . and I am also in Davie. Did you attend orientation yet?

Also did you the admission office? cause I applied this year Januray 2019 and I was put for winter 2020.

No. They only called me to tell me that they will review my application this week? What about you? Did you take the exam yet?


you should tell them you want to be put on winter 2020. and yes I am done with orientation and test.

and also that is weird that they called you to tell you they will review application for fall when you applied for winter 2020.

the fall 2019 started 2 weeks ago.

OMG . I applied for winter 2020. I’m going to call them. When did you take the test? Recently? How was it and the interview?

I applied since February.

yeah so I think when they said fall, im guessing it means Fall 2020.

Call them, I used to call them a lot when I am having issues.

- And I actually applied specifically for Fall 2019, so I had my interview and test around June 2019. They said Fall 2019 is full so they put me for winter 2020.

and also do you have James or someone else?

also when I applied for fall 2019, I applied around January 2019.

Ok . Thanks I’m going to call them

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