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For students got accepted into NOVA for winter program like me.

I called and she said that it’s not full yet.

I don’t know. I hope they call me back.

That's awesome, I may see you January then.

are you still currently taking classes or are you done with all co and pre reqs

I don’t know. I hope they call me back. Thank you. Hopefully we will see on January.

I’m taking Microbiology for this fall. I will be finishing up in December. I already told them that I will send the final transcript in December. Tell me a little bit about the test and interview please?

I am sure that you will get in. The test honestly is a bit hard for me, but a lot of people say don't worry a lot about the test because they pay attention to GPA, interview, and essay but I also did study before taking it.

I don't remember questions but Its kinda more about physiology, I was looking at examples on quizlet.

Math is basic I look on quizlet. Theres also reading and basic grammar and English.

you will get a tour first before you take the exam, then you will have a break then after the break you will have to write the paper or little essay. after that you get the interview.

I heard people who scored ranging from 70 - 80 and they got in. I scored 77 but I got good gpa.

Good job. Congratulations. May I ask what books used ?

Hi, did you all have to submit your transcripts twice? Once to NursingCas and another to NSU directly? I was doing the supplemental application as advised by the email received but I had already submitted it but did not receive an "N" number which is why I was confused. Upon checking the account again, I realized my transcripts have to be sent with the application. The site to send the transcripts keeps crashing so I am a bit confused if I need to send them for a second time or not.

Hi, I did send two official transcripts. After I applied to nursingcas and NSU. I went to my school website and sent one transcript for each because they asked me too. It was like 5$ for each. They emailed me last night to come take the test & interview on September 10. Good luck ?. I did receive the N number right after submitting everything.

Just to be more precise, I received my N number in the same email that said that they received my official transcripts. Try to submit everything fast because they are reviewing applications now.

Hello, I applied for the Miami campus and I got a call on sept 6 saying that they have received all of my information, the advisor said they will call for the interview. It’s been two weeks now and I haven’t heard back nor by phone or email. How long does it take to know when will be able to go in for the interview and should I contact the advisor.

That is odd because I registered on my own for the interview. If you are chosen they will send you an email where you choose which dates you want to have the interview. You will be given few options of dates and so you can save your seat. I call them or the person who's been contacting me since the beginning whenever I have issues and problem or if I have a questions.

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