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For students got accepted into NOVA for winter program like me.

Hi Melg_020. You should definitely called them to ask them about the interview and stuff. Make sure you ask them if the winter 2020 is full also. They interview students group by group. I had mine on September 10 . I received the acceptance package on September 20. I think they will email the interview date. But call them just in case.

I emailed the advisor ***** today and called twice but have not heard back hopefully by tmm ill get a reply. And CONGRATULATION Vavanov on getting accepted!

Thanks ?. I wish you the best.

Hi I went at Nova yesterday to drop something off . They were still interviewing people. I asked ******, and he said that they just start with reviewing applications a little late this year. Don’t lose hope. If they say they will call you, they will.

Vavanov thank you so much! You're so sweet!

Melg . Did you get the call ? You’re welcome

? hey, I got a call from ***** on Friday saying that my transcripts have been processed and that I would be receiving a call within the next two weeks. The wait is driving me crazy I just want to get it over with but also taking the time to prepare a little more

Hey. It might take less than that. Good luck. I know the wait is very nervous ?. I remembered it even after doing the interview. I was still nervous and waiting for the acceptance call.

Hi everyone! I’m new to this! Today I had my Kaplan exam/ interview at the Miami campus. It definitely wasn’t as difficult as I expected (both test & interview). Just take a deep breath and you will be fine! I scored an 86% on Kaplan. Now I’m just anxious waiting to get the acceptance call! Nice to meet you all. ?

They will definitely call you. I got in with a 74. Nice to meet you too. I received my acceptance pa 13 days after the interview. They didn’t call me. They only call me to check if I receive the acceptance package. Good luck

@MeaganK thats amazing! I have no doubt that they will call you, keep us updated.

@Vavanov thanks for the heads up! I think I’m going to call them this week and see if they can view if I was accepted or not. @melg_020thanks! I hope so! I definitely will keep you guys updated

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