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nov. 12th 12 oclock help please


well....... this will be my 4th attempt. ive been studying for about 3 and a half to 4 months. this time around im using nclex pn made incredibly easy, saunders 3rd edition book and cd rom, exam cram, and nclex 2500 question software.. all the way up untill this week ive been studying one topic by one topic. ( different body systems, coordinated care, reduction of risk potential, etc) but for the remainder of this week and two days out of the next week im just doing testing (100 questions)... and so far im doing ok by my standard i guess. if i do a 100 question test ill get 80/100 or something of that sort. nothing under 75% and nothing over 85% is this good or bad? i also bought a kaplan book for strategies. that book is actually pretty helpful showed me the maslow, saftey, data collection vs. implementaion, and nursing steps stragey. so ive been using all these books together each study session. 20 questions from here 50 from there take a test out of this one jump to the cd rom. everything seems to be coming along... everything seems to be getting easier, but thats just the thing. by thinking in this state am i setting myself up for a great let down. my biggest problem in the past with the first 3 attempts (112,145,205) was it would always come down to two options and 9 times out 0f 10 i would guess incorrectly. but the kaplan book has helped me greatly with that. what im asking is... am i doing enough in my last week in prep for the nclex. just practicing my test taking and getting good with my labs. is there something else i should be doing besides this and praying lol? any help or insight will be greatly noted. i didnt have the anxiety up untill things started feeling easy.....


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if questions were becoming easy for you then I guess it's a good sign,

but one thing I can tell you is that the first answer is sometimes the right one.

But you should eliminate other choices before you decide which answer to choose.

good luck!!! :)


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Believe in yourself and put God first.Try your best and leave the rest to God almighty. Wish you all the best.

and now i have more to add to the mix..... i am offically sick now..... such a bad head cold......


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good luck on your test tom!! :)

I took my NCLEX on 10/26 and was scared to try the trick. I did and it got to the pop-up when I tried to re-register. I know that this strongly suggests that you've passed but I was too scared to believe it. I found out on the 28th that I DID PASS!! Monday I received my official license. Since my b-day is in January I've already received my renewal notice. They getcha!! I don't care.....I got my license!!!:yeah: