Notice of Termination Expectations


When leaving a position (regular employee, no contract), how much notice have you been required to give to current employer?


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My previous NP employers generally asked for 2 - 4 weeks. I've always given 4 - 5 weeks. I find that it gives people a chance to adjust schedules, let patients know, and it means leaving on a much better note. My current employer requires 4 weeks.

Jules A, MSN

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In absence of clear guidelines from a contract etc. in my experience 60 days is fairly common.


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My current facility requires four weeks.


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30 to 60 days. I would stick to 30 days unless your contract says so otherwise.

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I just took a new position and per my contract gave 60 days notice. I think that's common but I have heard of some practitioners giving 90-120 days.

Nacki, MSN, NP

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I had a position that required 90 days.


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Minimum 30 days ... My last position I gave them a 'soft' warning at 6 months and official resignation at 90 days, but that is probably an extreme situation (large patient panel being left and clinic couldn't retain adequate number of providers).

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I always give notice in the schedule interval. If the schedule is made in 6 week intervals, I give at least 6 weeks. 2 months.... then at least 2 months. If its a 9-5'er where you don't have a "schedule".... 2 weeks it is.