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Note to Management About Appreciation of Preceptor


Hi everyone! I'm a new grad RN and I'm about to finish up my orientation. I want to write a note to management about how amazing my main preceptor has been to ensure they know how good she is doing, but I'm having trouble with the proper way to word the letter...and how long to make it. Any tips? Thank you!

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I never wrote a letter to management, but I did write a lengthy thank you card to my preceptor. I let her know what impact she had on my education and success. I gave examples of how she promoted my learning and made her aware of the lengths she went to make sure I got the most out of my experience.

Give examples and speak from the heart.

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A simple...."She is great. I am so glad to be joining the floor. Thank you!" Let your preceptor know as well.


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While a personal note of thanks to the preceptor herself is wonderful, I think the idea of positive feedback to her management is outstanding. A personal thank you is always appreciated, but I know my management uses feedback from co-workers, patients, and supervisors in our yearly performance reviews and determining merit raises. So while personal direct thanks will be heartfelt, feedback to her supervisors could actually help her career, and that has a much bigger and longer-felt impact. Do both. :)

Suggestions. Since other students will doubtless read this, let's be sure all the nursing managers don't get the same letter. :rotflmao: But this should give you some ideas.

"Dear Managername,

Thank you and your staff for my great preceptorship experience on Floorname this semester. My preceptor, Jane Smith RN, was wonderful. When she ... I learned so much about ... from her, especially .... .

An example of her professional teaching and support skills was when we ...

Jane was patient with me when I was learning to ... and praised me when I ... . As a result of her example, I will always remember to do/be/expect ... .

Sincerely, :flwrhrts:


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cc: XYZ Hospital HR"