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Not a very merry christmas!

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3 Cardiac Arrests, all died, one only in his 40s. 3 teenagers dead following RTC,( died in dept ) and 2 others from same incident on ICU. What a very unmerry christmas shift in our little department in merry old england!! Hope everyone else had better days!! Heres looking forward to a quiet new year!

galenight, BSN, RN

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What a rotten day for you, I'm sorry it was so awful. What is RTC? I'm either having a brain fart, or it's not a common abbreviation where I am from. I do hope that the rest of this year and the new year treats your department better. Best wishes.

I'm so sorry. I read about that story in the news and wondered if all the victims went to the same hospital, I guess from that they did. How awful. I find it hard enough talking to the families after such events, but on Christmas day, that's just unimaginable :o

Well done on doing your best for all of them.

Claire x

Sorry that you had such an awful Christmas shift. I know of some people who work holidays and make the best of it. On the floors it can be quiet because most of the docs try to send pts home in time for Christmas. But it's definitely impossible when you work in the ED and you are surrounded by such circumstances.

We had a lady from our church who fell through an attic while hiding Christmas presents for her 4 yo and 6 yo. She hit her head and suffered massive head injuries. Her husband didn't even have to make the decision to remove her from life support, she was gone before that decision had to be made. This all happened exactly one week before Christmas. My heart was on that family all day. Very sad. Tragedy is no discriminator when it comes to holidays. :(


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road traffic collision, nothing technical! either call it that or rta, road traffic accident!!

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The holidays can be brutal in the emergency department. Sorry.

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