Not so excited to start my bridge program


Ok so here is my rant/concerns. Input please!

I am a LPN getting ready to start a bridge program in May. I mean I truly want to be a RN, I am just dreading going through nursing school all over again. I can already feel the anxiety building up inside me. Im scared Im dooming myself from the get go. The first time around in nursing school I was excited, but now I just know what Im getting myself into. I just keep telling myself its only a year and I can do it! I know once I get there Ill suck it up and do as best as I can because Im only going to do it once, no failing for this gal! I just am ready to be done before I even start. I finished my LPN about two years ago and still feel a bit burnt out from that even. Has anyone ever felt like this going into their bridge? I hope maybe this time MAYBE it will be a bit better since I have some studying skills and what not, but Im so not looking forward to it. It sucks even more that I start in the summer. Ok thats my rant. Im just a bit of a worry wart and I can feel those nursing school blues creeping up again =(


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I'm going through the LVN-RN program as well, and I think you should look on the bright side. You're already a LVN and you've already been through the hard part A&P, pharmacology etc. this will be more of a refresher you can say. You're blessed to have a great opportunity to advance your education all the hard work will be worth it in the end just hang in there :)

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I'm glad I am not the only one feeling this anxiety! I'm sure once we get started, the anxiety will decrease. Good luck to you! :up:

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I feel anxious about my bridge too. Yet, I'm also very upset that I have to go on with school. My main goal is to get into public health STI tx centers. I'm ok with the low pay these BSN RNs are making (as low as $17.39/hr) but seriously.... I'm going to be in school forever. It took 6 years of college to become an LPN (part time schooling) now I've been an LPN for 3 years while still taking part time classes to finish co-reqs, now a whole nother year of LPN-RN classes. Then I expect 4-6 more years of part time schooling for the BSN.... All to make $17.39/hr. Jesus.

I just wish I could have quit school and stayed an LPN while being offered RN job opportunities. I am dreading going back to the nursing program because it caused so much anxiety the first time around and I feel I'm already competent and ugh....

.... I'm going to be taking classes without interruption until I'm 38 by projected measures.


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I also plan on getting my BSN. Ive already been looking at schools even. I like WGU. A lot of ASN's have got their BSN in about 6 months online. It is a go at your own pace school. I will probably take a year or two off after my bridge though as I did after my LPN, but we will see.


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New nurse with BSN usually make $20 or more.


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BSN and ASN nurses in my area make the same amount. I just want my BSN in case I ever decide to move for better career opportunities.

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LOVE your GD avatar! Huge fan here! :) xoxoxoxo I too am studying for my RN, but it's going to take me 2 years, doing one class at a time so I can keep working as an agency LPN and make my work schedule coincide with my school schedule! Right now, I'm in pre-reqs, but will start nursing 3 in fall of 2014, IF I pass the challenge exams for NU 101 and 102. SO much work, and so hard! I know why you are dreading all of the work, it's exhausting, time consuming, difficult, and so much more!

Even though I was the valedictorian of my LPN class, it's still hard! But I think it will all be worth it to have more options. I truly want to study holistic nursing and/or teach nursing or even school nursing, as I am 'older' and used to be a teacher! I cannot keep doing 8-12 hour shifts passing meds much longer without going nuts with boredom! Best of luck to you and keep on truckin!

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I was in your same shoes about year and a half ago. I was an LPN for 3 years-it took me about 3 years to get it. And right after that I started prereqs and it took about a year and a half to get into a bridge program and now I just finished in Dec. 2012. I am feeling the same dread about going back for BSN. I dont need it now at my current clinic job, but I may need it in the future.

Hey nurse_rae I know this old and it has been a year,but I am actually starting the lpn-rn program at st.Petersburg college starting this summer. I saw you got accepted and started? Any tips?? How is the summer term can I work as an LPN part time?

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Well look on the bright side, it might be a lot easier for you since you are already a nurse. I am starting my lpn-rn online program soon and I am kind of excited. I love school and it will give me something to do at work and at home at night. The only thing that I am nervous about is being too tired to focus and study. I did not work at all during my LPN program.