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Even if that's the case, it still doesn't explain why she would be reported to the board.

People in my monitoring program report stuff like this from time to time. I guess if there is other "suspicious" activity...a clean UA or a script for a dirty UA doesn't mean someone ISN'T diverting. Just that they are selling the pills or taking pills that they conveniently also have a rx for. A one time discrepancy seems like overkill but maybe the facility has been burned in the past or the OP has had complaints that they aren't aware of.


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The BON can also put you on a monitoring program even though you have a valid script. I got put on one after being on medications for years without difficulty (no diversion/accusation/no job complaints). I do not have to stop taking them it's called an "approved positive". Maybe they are making sure I am not selling them by checking to see if they are in my system. I am not sure what their reasonings are for. It's really kind of a weird thing. I can not take OTC medications but I can take Oxycodode. It's almost like they are pressuring me to jump to the strongest medication vs trying something safer non addicting first.


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It's possible that the facility doesn't allow opiate use with or without a prescription. I'm not sure where people get the idea that an employer can't prohibit the use of certain prescriptions on the job regardless of a valid prescription. Many employers chose to only screen for illegal use, but in safety sensitive occupations such as direct care nursing they can also chose to screen for any medication that they consider to be potentially impairing, even if the employee has a valid prescription.

I would think that this would be an ADA violation. Every employer must hire people with disabilities or medical conditions if a reasonable accommodation renders them fit for employment.

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