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Northwell Health April 2020 Fellowships

egiorgi2 egiorgi2 (New) New Nurse

Hello! I am starting the thread for the April 2020 Fellowships at Northwell health. Has anyone heard anything yet/have had any interviews?

Hi! Did you hear anything about the fellowship? I know it is crazy in the hospital with everything going on! I haven’t even been able to get in touch with recruiters or anything :/

Hi! I haven’t heard anything either 😕 I’m assuming it’s with everything going on. I wish there was an update... especially if they were supposed to start April 13th.

Hi there! I was contacted by a recruited yesterday (March 26) and was asked to complete the video interview. Just sent it in this morning and waiting to hear back. They asked which fellowship I was interested in and I picked ICU.

Hi! Quick update with me too.. I completed the video interview yesterday as well. Just waiting to hear back!


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Was the video interview still for the April fellowships? I had my whole interview process completed a few weeks ago for the ICU at the north shore location.

@Bren1212 yes for April! How did your interview process go? What questions did they ask you in the in person one?


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If you don't mind sharing, when did you apply for the fellowship and did you use the northwell jobsite? Happy to see you heard back from them, I applied a few weeks ago and have not heard anything.


@nynurse95 I applied March 12th and got an email for the video interview on the 24th!

The location on the job posting is for Mount Kisco, NY- does anyone know if this is a general application you can apply to if you are hoping to work in Manhattan or if other applications will be posted for that? I know this application has been up for a while but I am confused whether I should wait for another application to pop up or if I should be applying to that posting! Any info would be helpful, thanks! :)

Hello. I was trying to send a private message, but am unable to. Would you mind sharing the salary offered for the fellowship or at least a ballpark figure? Thanks so much.

@egiorgi2 Have you heard anything after the video interview? I completed mine on March 26 and still haven't heard back from them. I emailed the recruiter today just to check.

@DreamNurse5 I still haven’t heard anything yet:/ I was hoping to hear something back this week (especially if they plan to still start April 13th). Keep me updated if you hear anything! Who is your recruiter? I wonder if we have the same one.

@egiorgi2 Will definitely keep you updated! Please let me know if you hear from them too. I received an email from Ellen Lorenz, says she's the program director.

@DreamNurse5 I will! And yes that’s who I received the email from as well. Hopefully we hear something soon! By any chance, have you heard what they start the pay at?

@egiorgi2 I haven't heard about what the pay is unfortunately but I'm really curious as well. Good luck to you and stay in touch!

Did anyone here get a call asking for transcript and rec letters?