anyone working in Williston, ND??

  1. i'm contemplating moving to williston from indiana with my husband so that we can save some money back and pay off bills etc. thinking about doing it for a couple of years and then coming back to indiana. wondering if anyone works there or any details??? any info would be appreciated
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  3. by   chrisrn24
    I don't but I know people that do. Wages are high but it is hard to find housing.
  4. by   whichone'spink
    Nursing wages are not high at all. And the hospitals there are severely understaffed while patient census has shot up.
  5. by   marycarney
    Housing is almost non-existent. A friend is making all kinds of money but living in a garage with about six other guys. Crime, while still low, is increasing.
  6. by   dez_455
    my husband works for a company that provides housing. like a dorm i think. i was wondering about the conditions out there. wondered if it really wasnt worth the money. sounds too good to be true......
  7. by   dez_455
    does your friend work for the hospital or doctor's office or clinic?
  8. by   marycarney
    No -oilfields
  9. by   L&D<3
    Hey! I'm working in Williston, ND. Housing is a huge challenge. Wages do not accurately reflect the current cost of living of the town. Hospital has several open positions however and they hire new grads. PM me for any other questions 😀
  10. by   resilientnurse

    A friend of mine just called to say that they were paying CNAs $50/hr. I find that hard to believe, but a few years back there were rumors of nurses making huge bucks in Alaska for short-term assignments. Just curious but how much are nurses making in this town? Thanks.
  11. by   gengen07
    I am also considering applying for an ER RN position at Mercy Medical in Williston. Just wondering what it's like and if it's too crazy.
  12. by   L&D<3
    I highly doubt our CNAs make that much at Mercy. New grads RN BSNs start off in the low $20s depending on the unit/specialty. Going the Mercy's ER for codes/trauma alert/codes is the only time I see the ER but I know those nurses are always busy, and they'd prefer the ER RNs to have experience, obviously. But I'm sure they'd train the right person as we are fairly short staffed.
  13. by   L&D<3
    Also, apparently I don't post enough to reply to private message people back. So sorry. I'm working on it
  14. by   EquestrianRN
    My husband is making the boom town trek to Williston, N D in the next few weeks...I'm staying here for about six months until he gets settled in a job and his plan is to camp out while job hunting, then live in a "man camp" for a while, saving all of his earnings...our son and I will come up once we have enough money saved to put down on a rental to start with...yes, homes there are insanely EXPENSIVE (all housing is in the many thousands per month for two to three bedroom basic homes, though insiders say this is VERY SLOWLY improving), & until I've gotten a nursing job.

    Hospitals there want L/D RN's badly, and that was my specialty for six of my 16 years. I know I need to recert my NRP, my advanced fetal heart monitoring, and mymaternal/child nursing courses (my last 13 week L/D & NICU stint was in Sept of 09, so its been a while, but I stay current in my reading of changes in the field and absolutely know I could literally jump back into it overnight.

    I'm applying for my ND compact licensensure this month as well as signing up for the afore mentioned courses one at a time in a row, so I should have all I'll need to get hired. The pay seems basically the same as what I'm making here now...maybe a but higher if you go through a travel company and have an option for them to buy out your contract...

    Definitely want to get into l&d again, and with planning to start applying to NP programs Jan 2014, the whole thing is very exciting to us...we've wanted to move north FOREVER, & with my husband, though 43, being a vet (Army, 82nd Airborne), a welder and big rig driver, he should do well getting an intro position SOMEPLACE...two close male friends will be helping him get placed as well, as both are with the oil wells and know with his work ethic and intelligence/level-headedness, he can EASILY stick out the first six months of grunt work before they allow the roustabouts to really move up and prove their mettle...

    Honestly, I can't WAIT TO MOVE! We're selling ALL OF OUR BELONGINGS other than vehicles, survival gear, firearms, and essential sentimentals, and TOTALLY STARTING OVER!

    We were crushed six weeks ago when my husband was laid off, as getting a job here is torture, since the economy here in Tucson, Az is about as bad as it gets...but then ND BECAME OUR SAVING GRACE...

    We've done hundreds of hours of research, and though Williston is a total ****-hole, the SURROUNDING AREAS ARE PHENOMENALLY BEAUTIFUL!

    We plan down the road, once we're settled in fully, to build our dream mini-ranch, have a small farm house on about five acres, two horses, and other animals, an AWESOME GARDEN, and just work hard to live as far off the grid as humanly possible for people with "regular jobs" and a teen aged son!

    We're praying his mom and aunt may want to come live with us where they can utilize their knowledge of gardening, living off the land, self-solvency and all they grew up with, plus allowing us to provide THEM with FREE housing for life!! They are not young, and they are always worried about making their S.S.$$ stretch. We don't want them to have to worry anymore...and this way, they can hang onto their money for whatever they wish to do with it FINALLY, after lifetimes of struggling, and not have to pay us anything.

    Our son will have a ready-made career in the oil fields as soon as he finishes high 18 to be making close to six figures while living at home and getting set up for whatever he chooses to do in the future and to be able to do it without any debt/loans etc...(if he decides to go to college, or start a business, or both, he'll have the cash to do so!)...we've prayed long and hard and Williston its going to be our family's saving grace!

    Anyone who wants to PM me to talk ND nursing, jobs for hubbies, housing, or just talk about it ALL PERIOD, PLEASE DO! :0)