Spring 2018 wake tech nursing

  1. Hey Everyone,

    I am just wondering if anyone is in the same boat as I am I am applying to wake techs nursing program this july 31st for spring 2018. Anyone who is or had , and got in have any insight with grades that got them accepted? And all that?
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  3. by   coneal783
    Hey there! I am currently waiting to hear if my application for the Fall 2017 start is accepted. If I'm not accepted for fall, I will be applying for the Spring 2018 start.
  4. by   rntobe1108
    Good to hear!!! I'm sure you will get in! Let me know! Do you know the points they were looking at for acceptance?
  5. by   coneal783
    Thank you! But I think my points will be right at the wait list/acceptance cutoff. No, no one has heard anything about the fall applications yet. Hopefully we'll know this month.
  6. by   pinkdaisyx3
    I'm planning to apply for Spring 2018! With the way things are looking and the grades I'm currently making in HUM 115 and BIO 155, before taking the TEAS test I'll have 141 points. I still need to take BIO 169 which I'm planning to take in the summer before the application deadline and I still need to take the TEAS test. If all goes as planned I'm hoping to have 215-223 points before the application deadline. I'm studying my butt off right now. I'm so nervous because I've heard it's competitive but hopefully it will all work out
  7. by   Mrslaflin
    Keep in mind for spring 2018 entrance points change. SOC 210, PSY 150 and PSY 241 will no longer be doubled in points.
  8. by   pinkdaisyx3
    Ooh. I definitely didn't know that. It's been awhile since I did an info session or talked to an advisor. Might go do that sometime this week.
  9. by   rntobe1108
    may I ask what points are wait list/ acceptance cut off? I read that this years 2017 admissions points for admissions started at 163. Not sure what the out lire point is, but max points i believe is 216. Hoping for good news for you! sorry it took me so long to respond, i forgot my password!
  10. by   coneal783
    163 was for the spring entrance, correct? We haven't heard anything yet about the 2017 fall point totals or admission cut off points. Last I heard, we won't be hearing anything until this week or next.
  11. by   rntobe1108
    Yes pretty sure it was for spring.
  12. by   Mrslaflin
    Spring 2017 acceptance was 168-210 point range and fall 2016 was 162-210
  13. by   rntobe1108
    Thanks! Are you in the program? Or applying for 2018?
  14. by   Mrslaflin
    I applied for fall 2017 waiting on letters now.