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Hello: Can anyone tell me about the hospitals in the Asheville area and what the pay is for staff ICU RN's? Thanks for any info!... Read More

  1. by   NurseMama1
    Quote from WolfpackRed
    This is from the NCBON:

    lists all the BSN programs, as well as Diploma and ADN/ASN and cites in NC.

    Thank you!!
  2. by   jansailsea
    Laurenburg & Lumberton are a whole different part of the state.
    Lumberton straddles I-95, Laurenburg west of it, but smaller.
    I've lived in Asheville, Raleigh, & Fayetteville- I could never see myself living in Laurenburg or Lumberton (sorry- WAY too redneck for me).
    Residents who can go to the beach most weekends, some like Myrtle Beach as there is so much to choose from & do there on weekends.
    Asheville's housing has become resort priced in the last 5 years: my parents' 2 BR, 1 & 1/2 BA in West Asheville, which went for way under the 80ks in the mid 1970s, now appraises in the over $200k range!
    Oteen VA pretty accessible from I-40, Mission in Asheville not close to interstate.
    Asheville has changed so much since I was a teenager (particularly the last 5 yrs), I don't recognize it when I go back to visit.
    My sisters & I HATED it there in the 1970s & 1980s as we had come from Dallas Texas & Atlanta Ga. with all the amenities of big cities.
    Or we lived within an hour ride of Edisto Island, or 2 hours of Isle of Palms, SC.
    We all moved away from Asheville immediately upon finishing school, none of us liked the cold, dark winters.
    Asheville used to be the hotbed of Republican conservatism & clannishness for AGES.
    Now, it's gone all New Age, & accepting of diverse people.
    And if you are into mountain scenery & cold drizzly dark winters, more power to ya!
    We can't all be beach bums!
    Good luck, janet