Mercy School of Nursing SUMMER 2011 hopefuls!

  1. I'm just curious if there is anyone out there that has applied to the summer session at Mercy! Letters go out next week!
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  3. by   AriesRNSoon
    I did and I can't even sleep!! Good Luck!
  4. by   Melissa825
    I replied to you on the other board. What is your GPA? What did you make on TEAS? What did you make in your pre-reqs? Is this your first time applying?
  5. by   poppy79
    Hi. I had Originally applied last year but was put on hold b/c the class filled up so fast. But thankfully I just got accepted for Aug 2011!!
  6. by   techr2nurse
    @ Poppy79 How do you already know for August acceptance to MSON? They haven't sent any letters out yet have they?
  7. by   Beggin4Mercy
    Are you in NC or PA? After reading another post of yours, I'm thinking we are talking about two different schools. There is a Mercy School of Nursing in both states, and Techr2nurse and I are in NC. Just want to clarify....thanks!
  8. by   JenMo131
    poppy79, i applied to the pa upmc mercy school of nursing in december for the august 2011 start.. and i was put on the waitlist. i called and they told me there are only 3 ppl on the waitlist soo if 3 ppl decided not to accept their acceptance into the school.. i'd have a seat. she also told me that they got all of their "waitlisters" from last yr in so theres a good chance. were u put on the waitlist last year and did not get in??
  9. by   tnrnnc
    I received my MSON fall 2011 letter in the mail today.
  10. by   browneyedgirl1104
    JenMo131......I was told by Mercy son that they were reviewing apps on March 4th and I should hear something this week.All of the seats are NOT filled yet.I have faith that God would NOT have brought me through this entire last yrs journey only to have the door shut in my face so to speak. I am 42 yrs old and know that if I dont make it to one of the 2 schools for this summer admission than that's it for me because I do NOT have another year to wait to start.I have NO classes left to take at CCAC and it would just be to difficult to go back to work then quit to start school next year.So I will try to hold on to my faith and not be a nervous wreck though I have to admit I am finding myself a little more nervous as the days go by... Praying I get a chance to fulfill my dream.
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  11. by   browneyedgirl1104
    Who did you speak with at Mercy? **** I wasnt told the same you were.I was told that deadlines for apps to be submitted was Feb 28th for the class begining August 2011 and I had sent my app into them Feb 5th so I am patiently waiting.I was told there were seats still open and that they meet once a month to go over apps and that I would be notified this week March 7th.Good luck to you and hopefully we hear good news soon...
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  12. by   JenMo131
    I was initially told that they accept applications 2 times.. once in december and another time in march (or somewhere around there) My application deadline was in december. Soon after that I receivd a letter in the mail saying I was put on the waitlist. My friend also received the same letter. So I called to find out exactly what this meant for me.. I first talked to **** who then transferred me to ****** the head of admissions or something along those lines. I was told "the waitlist means you are accepted pending a seat in the program, right now all of the seats are filled, so if someone were to not accept their acceptance into the program you would have a seat. There are only about 3 people on the waitlist as of now and we usually get all of our waitlisters in. You will find out in Feb or March." Very odd that out of the whole 3 ppl on the waitlist, 2 of them are me and my friend. Anyways being anxious, my friend and I called mid Feb. to see when we'd find out.. and they said not until end of March beginning of April. After reading your post today, my friend called and they said we'd find out sometime in March.

    I don't understand why they would even still accept more applications if the program was filled since my application period? I don't understand how out of so many ppl applying, me and my friend are 2 of the 3 ppl on the waitlist?

    I have also called numerous times to ask if they could explain the entire application process to me in detail from applying to being accepted and I have yet to get the same answer twice.

    Now I see that you are saying the seats are not filled. This is all sooo frustrating to me!! No one wants to have to wait another year. I know I sure dont I also have all my classes done.. all I have left are the actual nursing classes.

    I just wish I could get a straight answer so I can figure out my life!! I plan on calling again tomorrow to see what they say this time.
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  13. by   browneyedgirl1104
    I was told a few months ago that they were still taking apps for fall 2011 and that there WERE seats open??? So now you have me very nervous as well. I also have NOTHING left but to finish up what I am currently taking.I am 42 yrs old and absolutly Do not HAVE ANOTHER YEAR TO WAIT!!!Now after reading your post I am certain I wont be able to sleep tonight.. Sigh I will be calling first thing tomorrow to find out exactly whats going on.I aslo applied at another local school.They start both in June AND Feb . So I truly hope Mercy did not do me wrong and take my check and toy with me knowing that they have no seats open.That would just be wrong...
  14. by   javapearl
    Hello everyone! I find myself being in the same boat as everyone here, aka "the waiting game". I especially relate to browneyegirl1104, as I am close in age, 40... and I have completed all the pre req's except microbiology, and if I do not get accepted, I too will have to look for a job for a year! Glad to find someone that I can relate too!

    I took the PSB test at Mercy on Feb. 5th. That was the last day for testing. I got my results, and did well enough, that they asked me to fill out the application, references, transcripts, and essay, and have it back to them by March 4th. I did this... and so now, I too wait.

    I am just as confused as everyone else on what the truth behind admissions is really all about. I sort of thought that there were several test dates, from like October through February...and that they couldn't take all their candidates with the first test, in October, (if so then why take people's money and have additional test dates?).... so I thought maybe they took the top so many after each test... say 7.... then they keep doing that throughout the months, until they have the true top so many. Others that are strong candidates would be waitlisted, to fill positions, as the top students did not accept. ???? I am not sure I am explaining this properly, but it just my opinion on how the admission process may go?

    I am hoping to hear something this week, or next. If anyone hears anything, be sure to post it here so we can keep each other updated!

    When I took the PSB, there were 2 tests that day, an early morning an a noon. I was in the noon class. I saw approx. 60 students leave the auditorium, as our class was going in. There was another 60 people in my class! I thought 120 people took that test, that day... and there have been a lot of other test days! How many people take the test, and how many students do they accept? wow. It is all so competitive, and so much redtape... and the not knowing is awful! I wonder all the time what they are really looking at. Is it something straight across the board, or based on individual circumstances. Is the essay weighed heavier than say a reference... is gpa weighed heavier than PSB scores? Because noone has answers, and everyone is told something else, it makes me believe that the consider each applicant differently?

    Goodness gracious, I could play this whole guessing game all day. Kinda makes me wonder why they just don't sent the ground rules and be forth coming to all the applicants, so that we all could rest easier!

    Best wishes to all!