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  1. JenMo131

    Mercy School of Nursing SUMMER 2011 hopefuls!

    well.. i got accepted! super super excited!!! thank god!
  2. JenMo131

    Mercy School of Nursing SUMMER 2011 hopefuls!

    i was told that i am "accepted pending a seat" and that when i applied.. rejection letters were sent out, waitlist letters were sent out, and acceptance letters were sent out. so if someone "didnt make the cut" i assume they would have gotten a rejection letter. if this is the case.. i really wish they would have just told me im not accepted so that i can plan everything out. this is my life and i do not have another year to wait either. im extremely upset over all of this. i am going to call or possibly go there tomorrow and see what they tell me :'(
  3. JenMo131

    CCAC Fall 2011

    Hi I applied for South day and south evening for second choice!!.. i received my reciept of application in the mail too.. what do the numbers mean above 11FA?
  4. JenMo131

    Mercy School of Nursing SUMMER 2011 hopefuls!

    I was initially told that they accept applications 2 times.. once in december and another time in march (or somewhere around there) My application deadline was in december. Soon after that I receivd a letter in the mail saying I was put on the waitlist. My friend also received the same letter. So I called to find out exactly what this meant for me.. I first talked to **** who then transferred me to ****** the head of admissions or something along those lines. I was told "the waitlist means you are accepted pending a seat in the program, right now all of the seats are filled, so if someone were to not accept their acceptance into the program you would have a seat. There are only about 3 people on the waitlist as of now and we usually get all of our waitlisters in. You will find out in Feb or March." Very odd that out of the whole 3 ppl on the waitlist, 2 of them are me and my friend. Anyways being anxious, my friend and I called mid Feb. to see when we'd find out.. and they said not until end of March beginning of April. After reading your post today, my friend called and they said we'd find out sometime in March. I don't understand why they would even still accept more applications if the program was filled since my application period? I don't understand how out of so many ppl applying, me and my friend are 2 of the 3 ppl on the waitlist? I have also called numerous times to ask if they could explain the entire application process to me in detail from applying to being accepted and I have yet to get the same answer twice. Now I see that you are saying the seats are not filled. This is all sooo frustrating to me!! No one wants to have to wait another year. I know I sure dont I also have all my classes done.. all I have left are the actual nursing classes. I just wish I could get a straight answer so I can figure out my life!! I plan on calling again tomorrow to see what they say this time.
  5. JenMo131

    Mercy School of Nursing SUMMER 2011 hopefuls!

    poppy79, i applied to the pa upmc mercy school of nursing in december for the august 2011 start.. and i was put on the waitlist. i called and they told me there are only 3 ppl on the waitlist soo if 3 ppl decided not to accept their acceptance into the school.. i'd have a seat. she also told me that they got all of their "waitlisters" from last yr in so theres a good chance. were u put on the waitlist last year and did not get in??