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Hi all! Just wanted to start a thread for the people applying to duke for the fall of 2012. I am super excited/nervous to be filling out the application! I know that there are others out there... Read More

  1. by   mellzie22
    @2bEsqtoRN yes I applied for the MADIN II program as well!
  2. by   2bEsqtoRN
    Quote from mellzie22
    @2bEsqtoRN yes I applied for the MADIN II program as well!
    Yay!!! Can you receive PMs? I wanted to ask you some questions. If not, I can just ask them here.
  3. by   laflaca
    I'm interested to know about your experience applying with MADIN, if you've been in touch with them already (they interview separately, right?)...I'm eligible but didn't apply, so I'm curious.
  4. by   2bEsqtoRN
    Quote from laflaca
    I'm interested to know about your experience applying with MADIN, if you've been in touch with them already (they interview separately, right?)...I'm eligible but didn't apply, so I'm curious.
    Hey laflaca, I won't be applying to Duke or MADIN until later this year, however, I've spoken to one of the MADIN coordinators and I believe there is a separate interview for the program. Not surprisingly, acceptance into the MADIN program is contingent on acceptance into Duke's ABSN program. Definitely call them and see if you can still be considered as its a wonderfully unique opportunity that isn't found at many nursing schools.

    Best wishes!
  5. by   AnginaAngelaRN
    Hey guys!

    I was creeping down on you all (I'm a Fall 2011 student) and decided I just wanted to hop in and say:

    All of you with non-medical/hospital experience, fret not! Duke accepts students with ALL backgrounds and experience.

    I was a French major.

    Good luck
  6. by   moggsy
    Any interview tips for us, Angiela? LOL.
  7. by   AnginaAngelaRN
    Be yourself, look nice, smile, and do NOT ask "Do I really have to change adult diapers?"

    Seriously, guys.
  8. by   moggsy
    Oh good lord, I hope someone really didn't ask that...
  9. by   southeRNgirl185
    marmiesgurl15-I got the job I have now by just being lucky, I saw a job posting for recent grads with psych backgrounds and applied! I have found it to be one of the best, most eye-opening experiences. We do a lot of crisis intervention and deal with children who have significant psych/trauma histories. My boss calls our unit the "ICU" of mental health; our goal is to stabilize the children. The nurses on my unit definitely do less of the typical nurse skills that you would find on a medical unit, however they are amazing at providing therapeutic education to the kids, and I look up to so many of the nurses that I work with (they certainly helped inspire me to apply to nursing school)! If you have any other questions let me know, the psych field is tough but so rewarding! Hopefully I will see you on the 30th!
  10. by   2bEsqtoRN
    Ladies and gents, I wanted to ask a question to all prospective (and current) students who may be presented with a similar dilemma:

    Is Duke really worth the huge price tag, especially if your plan is to pursue an advanced nursing degree after the ABSN? Why are you willing to take out a loan (if applicable) to attend this institution?

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Duke and cannot see myself attending anywhere else but Duke but my goodness, the price tag scares me for only an ABSN!!

    Would love to hear thoughts from others who are certain they will be taking out a loan to attend should they be accepted. I'm so torn right now. *sigh*
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  11. by   laflaca
    I don't think Duke, or any school, is truly worth $60k for a BSN. In my experience, hospitals/clinics don't give much credence to a big-name nursing degree; it's not like business or law school. Where I live now, the hospital recruiters actually prefer RN's trained at the community college (due to their reputation for extensive and very solid clinicals).

    So why am I applying? I don't have ideal choices for doing a BSN close to home, and I'm older (and have more savings) than most students so I'm particularly anxious to make quick progress. I will likely need to move out of state to get an MSN with the specialty I want in any case; I really like the looks of Duke's MSN program and I'd rather not move cross-country twice. The other programs I'm considering are direct-entry MSN programs, all private schools except one, and the first year in those programs is typically almost as expensive as Duke anyway. Finally, I hope to be making more money than an RN at the end of my process (as an NP), so loan repayment won't be as crushing.

    In my particular set of circumstances, Duke might make sense. Still, I will sit down and take a long hard look at the numbers if I am lucky enough to be accepted.

    For most students though, I think it's a bad idea to take on that level of debt. You're looking at starting salaries as low as $18/hr in some states, or maybe up to $28ish in very high-cost cities, plus a very challenging new-grad hiring scenario currently. Loan repayments will be seriously affecting your lifestyle for a long time. For many people I think it makes sense to do an ABSN or traditional BSN locally at a state school, and then spend the big bucks on grad school instead.

    Just my two cents Good luck with whatever you decide!
  12. by   kce32305
    Hi all!

    I'll be attending Duke's ABSN for the Fall 2012. I hope I see all of you there! I saw some of you inquiring about the MADIN II program, and since I completed the program this past summer, I thought I would chime in.

    I applied to the program last year, and so I was given provisional acceptance during my junior year of college. I was the youngest one in our cohort this past summer (everyone had already graduated undergrad), and so I'm finishing up a bachelor of science in chemistry with minors in biology and spanish, and will be done in May.

    The MADIN program was FANTASTIC. We got clinical exposure in the hospital every week, visited the NC board of nursing and heard them try real cases dealing with drug abuse, misconduct, etc. We took (AND GOT CREDIT FOR) Introduction to Professional Nursing, a course that you generally take your first semester. We all got As. So none of us had to (or will have to in my case) take that class again, unlike all the other incoming students. We also sampled advanced pathophysiology, which is taken in the first semester. Since we didn't have time to take the whole class, we didn't get credit, but the experience was invaluable. She treated us just like real students so we know how she composes her tests, her teaching style, the level of difficulty we can expect, etc. We met the President of Duke Hospital. We worked on a scholarly research project..(since I want to be a CRNA I worked with one of the CRNA faculty at Duke- he is now a close mentor who eagerly anticipates my application to the program). This mentor also introduced me to the chief CRNA of Duke Hospital and we had lunch with her. She made a phone call and got me in to shadow a CRNA in the OR 20 minutes later. The list really goes on and on. You can make so many connections through networking, and that is one of the best parts of the program.

    Right now, a few of my other mentors (and the overseers of MADIN II) are working on a GREAT deal with Duke Hospital. I don't want to say too much, as it isn't finalized, but I will say that it includes FULL TUITION REIMBURSEMENT AND A GUARANTEED JOB UPON GRADUATION. And since I need to be in an ICU for CRNA school, I've been basically guaranteed that they'll find me a job in an ICU. They really look out for you and care about your success at DUSON. The school is beautiful and the faculty is wonderful. Spending the summer there and being able to familiarize myself with the school before starting in the Fall was a great advantage to being a MADIN scholar.

    Even for those of you not interested in MADIN, the ABSN program alone is awesome. The clinical instructors are friendly and so knowledgeable. And as you know, the ABSN has 15 graduate credits built in, so for those of you planning to pursue a master's, PhD, or DNP at Duke, those credits equate to about 25% of your next degree!, depending on the specialty you choose. There are also major perks for working at Duke hospital after you finish the ABSN program, including tuition reimbursement, RN loan forgiveness, continuing education reimbursement, etc.

    Just wanted to offer some info since I already have admission and have participated in MADIN and spent the summer at the school, taken a class, and met the faculty. Let me know if you have any questions!
  13. by   2bEsqtoRN
    kce32305, that is just AWESOME!!! So are you suggesting that there might be a possibility that MADIN scholars will obtain full tuition scholarships alongside guaranteed job placement?? I am also interested in the CRNA route and am truly amazed and excited to hear what Duke offers with respect to providing networking opportunities for their students!

    Also, regarding MADIN, would you say that GPA is extremely important? Do you happen to know if there is a required GPA to be considered for the program?

    ETA: I also have heard that MADIN scholars are required to maintain a certain GPA whilst in the program. Would you happen to know more about that?