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  1. marmiesgurl15

    Children's National NICU

    Hi! I have been working in a Level IV NICU in a large teaching hospital in Atlanta for the past 4 years, but I'm looking to move farther north. I'm considering Children's National, but I'd like more info about the hospital. Can anyone tell me what pay might be for a nurse who's RNC-NIC certified, has a BSN and two other non-nursing degrees, and has 4 years of Level IV NICU experience? Do nurses all have to rotate, or do they hire day shift people? I found elsewhere that parking is off-site-- I shuttle where I work now and it's a hassle. Is public transportation a viable option? How's the staff-- friendly/bullying/supportive? How is management? What are nurse retention rates like? Do they value nurses' continuing education and support their nurses in going to conferences? And anything else about what working there is like would be super helpful! I'm also wondering about the area in general and where to live etc. 😬
  2. marmiesgurl15

    List of level IV NICU's

    Children's Heathcare of Atlanta at Egleston is a Level IV also. We have a 45 bed nicu and do lots of surgeries and frequently do ecmo as well. No head cooling though, but then again we're not a birth hospital so all our kids come to us for (usually emergent) surgical reasons.
  3. marmiesgurl15

    University of Miami Accelerated Nursing Program Summer 2012

    it's due 2 weeks from when you received the letter, so 2 weeks from yesterday for you.
  4. marmiesgurl15

    University of Miami accelerated BSN 2012

    Miamigirl22, you seem to know a lot about the program already! Do you know if we have to buy the scrubs through the bookstore, or are we allowed to get cheaper ones somewhere else? I found a medical supply outlet near me that I'm guessing has better prices for things we'll need, and I'd rather get my scrubs and stuff there if possible! I'll be moving down to South Florida in the next few weeks, and I'd definitely love to take you up on your tour offer!
  5. marmiesgurl15

    University of Miami accelerated BSN 2012

    Chesca6, where do you live? I'm originally from Boca, and will be moving back home to save money (I'm currently living in New Jersey). If you're as far north as I am, I'd love to have company on the daily commute!
  6. marmiesgurl15

    U Miami ABSN 2012

    I applied in late November and found out around January 5th. I have a BA in psychology from a small but very good liberal arts college in the Northeast, and a Masters in social work from an Ivy League school. They stressed that they wouldn't even take my MSW into consideration; and actually when they sent the acceptance package with the courses that will "transfer" they were true to their word-- my Masters level coursework wasn't mentioned anywhere. My undergrad gpa was 3.19, which is low because my school was big on preventing the grade inflation that was rampant at Harvard and other similarly ranked schools at the time. My grades on the prerequisites were all As except my second anatomy course, which was a C+. I have absolutely no hospital experience either. So all this to say, if you have a low gpa and some low grades don't think you automatically won't get accepted! How about you? What's your background?
  7. marmiesgurl15

    U Miami ABSN 2012

    Hi! I got accepted to Miami's ABSN program starting in May, and I was wondering if there are any people who are currently enrolled in the program or graduated from there that can tell me what they liked about it, what they didn't like about it, and if they thought the education they received was worth the price tag. And also how hard or easy it was to find a job after graduation. I'm weighing my options and trying to decide which school will be the best fit for me. Thanks!!
  8. marmiesgurl15

    Duke - MADIN II

    I don't mind sharing. I'm actually a little nervous because my undergrad GPA is low-- 3.19. But my grad school GPA is higher so I'm hoping that they'll overlook a lower undergrad GPA! What's your background, if you don't mind me asking?
  9. marmiesgurl15

    Duke - MADIN II

    2bEsqtoRN, apparently I can't receive PMs since I haven't responded to enough posts on here yet, but what did you want to know? I'm 26 and have a BA in psychology from Williams College. I went straight to grad school and got my Masters in social work from Columbia in 2010. Since then, I've been living in New Jersey and trying in vain to find a job in social work. I'm currently working retail, and actually the unintentional "break" has been really good, since it helped me realize that I want to go into nursing. I don't have any experience in hospitals or medical settings, which makes me a little nervous, but I do have experience dealing with stressful situations where you have to make important decisions right away (I interned in the Bronx and in Harlem when I was a social work student). If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!
  10. marmiesgurl15

    DUKE ABSN Fall 2012

    dancergirl185-- I also have a Bachelor's degree in psychology, and want to work at a children's hospital on their mental health unit! I graduated in 2008 and went straight into my MSW because my advisors strongly recommended that as the degree to get for my goal, but since graduating in 2010 I've found the job market for social workers to be impossible and I'm stuck working retail instead How did you get into your job? And what do you do as a nurse on that unit? I'm very excited about going to Duke for Duke Days on the 30th...maybe we'll meet there!
  11. marmiesgurl15

    Duke - MADIN II

    I wasn't that person you're talking about, but I also got an invitation to interview for MADIN II. To be honest, I didn't even know that I had applied for that program, and had no idea what it was when I got the invitation to interview. It does look like an exciting program though, and I'm looking forward to the interview in a couple weeks!