Anyone applying to ABSN at WSSU for Jan 2012

  1. Hello all,
    I wanted to know who all is planning on applying to the accelerated program at Winston Salem State starting in Jan 2012. I'm taking my pre reqs now and if anyone that has graduated or currently in the program has any tips that would be wonderful.
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  3. by   perseverance3
    I'm planning on applying this year for 2012. I go for the advisor interview next week. I have questions also. I have chem 131 and lab will this work for the chem pre-req?I have everything else out the way also and gpa of 2.88. I pray I get in the program. I would have to move back that way. I live close to Charlotte now,however I was born in Asheboro and attended school in High Point and Greensboro.I've worked as a cna for 7 years too.
  4. by   mariposabella
    No, but Im doing their regular undergraduate BSN program for Jan.2012. Good luck in the ABSN program. I know someone who teaches there and she told me that if you fail a test in any of the nursing courses you could a couple of tries to retake the test to get a better grade. She said that at WSSU they are interested in helping students get the best grade possible and learn that they arent trying to compete with other nursing programs in the area. The only bad thing I have heard so far is that WSSU is a little unorganized. Other than that I hear good things about it.
  5. by   perseverance3
    I was wrong my gpa is a 3.1, I was looking at the last semester instead of the overall. I feel more confident now. I found out that you can enroll in the professional nursing course at wssu before being accepted into the program. This will help avoid the 5 week course once in the program and you will be exempt. If this helps anyone.
  6. by   GSOnurse
    I will be submitting my application in August for January 2012. I look forward to getting a BSN in the shortest time possible. I am currently working in a hospital, I hope this experience helps in the application process. Good luck to all that apply!
  7. by   Called2Care

    According to the transfer course sheet provided by the WSSU Nursing Dept, CHM 131 and 151 are both transferable.
  8. by   lespicka
    Hi All,

    I graduated from NC State University in May with a Human Biology degree. I just put in my application to the office on Monday. They said we should hear back within the first week of October. However, I was wondering if anyone knew the true competition of getting in to the program. I know it is very competitive. But, does anyone know the specifics other than having the pre-req courses?
  9. by   MsWuf
    Yay - another wolfpack grad! I graduated with a degree in Biology. I know they have a points system similar to other schools, but other than that I'm not sure how they evaluate candidates. I sent my app in on the 3rd!
  10. by   bug2621
    I put my application in on thursday, but as far as what other things that they look for no one really knows. I've talked with several people in that department as well as other students that are currently in the program and there is no definitive answer on what makes someone more or less competitive.
  11. by   cdkjasso
    Hey Everyone,
    I also put in my application for the accelerated program. I'm not sure either what else they go by for ranking other than the pre-reqs. I had them done. Now....we wait! September is going to drag by!! Good luck to you all.
  12. by   RCP21
    Does anyone know what the average number of applicants is? I submitted my application last week!
  13. by   bug2621
    Quote from RCP21
    Does anyone know what the average number of applicants is? I submitted my application last week!

    I heard that they already have about 150 and I've typically heard that they have anywhere from 200-300 applications.
  14. by   RCP21
    Wow! That's alot of applications!! And the deadline isn't until next Thursday! How long ago did you hear that figure?