ADN Rn relocating to Charlotte area from NY

  1. Hi all! I am relocating to Mint Hill, NC (near Charlotte) in a few months from NY. What are some hospitals that are willing to hire an RN with only their Associate's degree? I have no experience working at a hospital, only a community health clinic for about a year. I'd appreciate any advice! It seems like there are more opportunities for a new grad everywhere else in NC BUT Charlotte area, but that's where my immediate family is right now. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   LoRNinFL
    CMC is the main provider in the charlotte area and they do seem to prefer BSN's but I have friends who only have their ADN and work for one of the hospitals for CMC (there are numerous locations around the charlotte area). Also, Presbyterian hospital seems to hire ADN's a lot and they have some hospitals in Charlotte and one right near Mint Hill. Honestly I don't think you will have a problem at all getting a job. Presbyterian is also building a new hospital right on the outskirts of Mint Hill. Good luck!
  4. by   klaloan
    Thank you so much for your feedback lmandrade! Your comment actually lifted my is crazy out there in general for anyone trying to find a job. I've been very aggressive these past few weeks with applying to the following hospitals you mentioned above. I am very excited for my family's new journey in North Carolina, because the cost of living up here is absurd. Even though the pay up here is higher, you still don't get to see your money! phew, anyway, I appreciate your feedback and I will continue w/ my job hunt ; )
  5. by   FurBabyMom
    I hate to burst your bubble...but it might not be so easy to get a job in Charlotte as an ADN new grad. I tried right our of school last year (BSN new grad) and again when the rest of my family was transferred to the Charlotte area in April (almost 7 months working as an RN). No bites, at all even on units similar to my current unit.

    I am moving to NC though - have a job in the OR internship at a hospital in the Raleigh/Durham region. I'll be a little less than 3 hours from my family compared to more than 7!

    That said, I wish you the best of luck searching for a job in Charlotte! Things always work out in the best way possible whether or not we can see it at the time. In my situation had I got a job as a floor RN in Charlotte I never would have applied for this job in the OR - and that would be a shame as this is one of my biggest dreams!
  6. by   ejm123
    Cmc mercy, cmc main, Presbyterian Charlotte, presby pineville, there's also other places in Charlotte like ortho Carolina(part of presby) I think you will find something. I know I live here and for most part it isn't hard for ADN right out of school to get a job - it could be the fact you are from out of state.
  7. by   Dawn73
    Have you found anything yet? Charlotte is the worst place for a new grad nurse to find a job. If you are flexible, I would try some of the surrounding cities! There are only two hospital systems: Presbyterian doesn't actively recruit even though they say they do, and CMC recruiting process is awful: Basically if you don't apply for the new grad deadline during the year you graduate, they will basically just keep your application on file. Good Luck!
  8. by   klaloan
    Hi Dawn73! Thanks for your feedback. I actually have an interview w/ CMC specialty next month. But i know that doesnt mean a job, just crossing my fingers!
  9. by   rnsweete
    Please let me know how that goes for you. Relocating soon and a little anxious. I think Cmc is where I would hope to apply with. I couldn't imagine not being in the ED or a Trauma Center
  10. by   misswoosie
    Carolinas Healthcare System (CHS) owns about 20 hospitals and manages several more. The ones within a 20 mile radius of Charlotte are
    CMC Northeast -Concord
    CMC Union (Monroe)
    CMC Pineville
    CMC Huntersville
    The above all have ER departments

    Apart from Presbyterian health system other hospitals in the area are
    Gaston Memorial Hospital (Caromont Healthcare)
    Lake Norman Regional Medical center (private-not worked there but wouldn't send my dog through ER there)
    Iredell Memorial Hospital
    Davis Regional Medical center.

    My DH has worked for CHS for 4 yrs now (not as a nurse) and it's a well known fact within the system that the HR department leaves a lot to be desired. They receive 30,000 job application per week, so unless you go the extra mile then you may find that non of your applications ever get forwarded to the manager.Make sure that you put your skills in the box where it asks you about additional work related skills and interests ,and also that in the work history section you put in responsibilities AND at least 1 ACCOMPLISHMENT for each position you've held.Even if you're a new grad you'll have some!

    Monster have some good examples.

    RN Resume Sample | Monster

    I have my suspicions that some applications may never be given more than a cursory glance by the recruiters as they are so busy. Prt of the reason for this is that the requirements on the job postings are minimal ie they tend not to ask for a certain number of years experience or expereince in that speciality,so they get lots of applications. Maybe the job descriptions go back to the days before Charlotte was as big and had so many people moving here.

    I would contact HR and ask to speak to the recruiter for any jobs you apply for that don't get forwarded to managers.
    Additionally , I was told that I hadn't applied for enough jobs. I had applied for 10 over the last year and , as I need a work visa, was only applying for jobs that require a BSN -which there aren't too many of as most just say BSN preferred.
    The system will only let you have 5 active (ie the status of your application doesn't say position filled by another applicant)applications at any one time and they aren't good about updating the system. I know that one of the positions I,ve applied for has been filled , but it doesn't say this on the system,therefore I "withdrew" my application so I could apply for another position. The recruiters should be able to tell you if something you applied for has been filled.

    As for Presbyterian acccepting ADNs- they have Magnet Nursing status so I would have thought that a higher percentage of their nurses have BSNs as that's part of the criteria. CHS don't have Magnet status.

    As regards new grad nurses- I have a friend that recently qualified as ADN and there were 20 people in her class and they all got jobs.
    They may not have been at the main hospitals , but when you're a new grad or moving somewhere then sometimes you have to take what you can get for a year or so.
  11. by   misswoosie
    I had a telephone interview with CHS today and I noticed that the director only seemed to have my personal uploaded resume in front of her, because she was asking me to give her more information regarding my previous positions.
    My resume is broken down into achievements in various categories eg clinical, management, teaching, research etc.
    with work history as a list at the end.

    When you complete the online application fields it creates an "application resume" and obviously includes the specifics of each position eg responsibilities, acievements , size of the hospital etc, but this didn't appear to have been forwarded to the manager

    Interestingly , my husband was on an interview panel yesterday and was also only given the personal resume for the candidates.

    Is this the norm? -that the manager only sees the resume?

    On the website you're given the impression that it's up to you if you upload a personal resume, but it would seem like it's what's going to the manager if you do upload one. I guess that it's the same old story of several different resumes.

    I will be giving my resume a polish up and thinking about the best way to format it.
  12. by   rnsweete
    Misswoosie Congrats on your phone interview hope everything works out. Kinda stalled in my move right now just can't decide what's going to be best for me
  13. by   msdeannah
    Ok here is a question. I am a RN thinking of relocating from Connecticut. I have 2 years hospital experience and 1 year home care (which I love) My question is what realistic salary can I expect. I make 32.50 an hour in home care and when I left the hospital I was making 30.00. Can anyone give me a realistic idea of what salary to expect in either position so I can know what to expect. Thank you.
  14. by   ~PedsRN~
    I graduated 12/2011 and was hired in 2/2012 as a ASN graduate into CMC. It can be done.

    (and CMC is currently working towards Magnet status)