Accepted a job at UNC. Where should I live?

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    So i just accepted a job at UNC healthcare in Chapel Hill and I'm quite excited about it. I am moving from out of state and I have no idea what the area is like. I've looked around quite a bit (online and when I was there for interviews) and I have a good idea of some places I would like to live however I have a few questions.

    The nurse recruiter from HR recommended nearby areas like Southern Village to live. I agree those places are nice, but they are also pretty expensive comparatively. I know that parking at UNC (until you get off the waiting list for a parking spot) is the park and ride system which seems a little complicated and makes me want to live closer by. But based on what I've seen, I feel that most of the nicer options in the areas closer to the hospital are more expensive than say, Raleigh apts that are nicer. I feel like all the reasonably priced places are very old and out dated, which I would like to avoid if possible. Anyone have any advice on this?

    Is traffic horrible between Raleigh and Chapel Hill? I was in the brier creek area and I loved it. Also, I saw south point mall area and liked it. Would it be a bad idea to live about 25 minutes from the hospital? Do most nurses that work at UNC live in that chapel hill area? Should I just live closer and deal with it? Does the park and ride system work well, meaning its possible to get to work on time? Any other suggestions for areas I could live? I'm young and single so I don't want to live in areas that are too family centered. I'd like to meet other people my age and have interesting things to do. Any help will be VERY appreciated. Thanks!!
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  3. by   link51411
    My wife was just hired in Cary and I am applying mostly at UNC. We are looking into the area also and rent is just crazy expensive as well as smaller homes are very costly. We may be buying a bigger house and try to rent out a room. Have you found a good place to live or are you still looking into the area? How long did it take for you to get hired after you applied? Why did you choose UNC over the other hospitals in the area? We are moving from Atlanta and I was shocked at how strong the rental market is in the triangle.
  4. by   healtheworld
    I applied Feb 25 and I was contacted like 2 weeks later and interviewed like two weeks after that (giving myself time to get a plane ticket to fly up there) and I was offered the position the day after I interviewed. So the whole process took about a month given some delays because of scheduling conflicts and the fact that I was traveling from Florida. I think that was a pretty quick turnaround.

    Duke is the only other hospital in the area I applied to and interviewed with. I was offered a position there but declined it even before knowing that I would get an interview at UNC. A major deciding factor in that was the pay. I just wasn't happy with the salary offer at Duke and I had heard rumors that pay was better at UNC. Luckily, my starting salary offer at UNC was just about $2 more than what they had offered at Duke. Both hospitals had extremely kind and professional leadership (on the surface at least) and had staff that told me they loved their jobs. Duke just didn't seem like the right place for me. I'm so glad that I didn't accept that position because UNC seems much more my style. Innovative, professional (uniformity with scrub color), welcoming (they offered me the position very next day and the HR recruiter was just as excited as me), and just brighter overall (I can't explain, but it just seemed nicer).

    I've also heard only good things about Rex Hospital but I think that's a little far from Cary. I'm not certain though. Hope this helps!
  5. by   mmc51264
    Rex is very close to Cary and a very nice hospital. As far as traffic from Brier Creek to Chapel Hill, you most likely will be traveling against rush hour. I travel from south of Raleigh to Durham and it takes me about 45 minutes to drive 40ish miles. Not bad for 3 days a week.
    As far as the rental market, remember you are competing with the students as well as employees (including residents/interns). It is the same near Duke.
  6. by   mmc51264
    Also, my husband and I are looking to move closer to each other's work (I am at Duke, he is at the airport), and Hillsborough is supposed to be nice; anywhere in Orange Co. We haven't started looking yet.
  7. by   Katie71275
    Good luck in your search and congrats on your job. I also moved from out of state to the area(work at Rex). We chose to live in Wake Forest, right outside of Raleigh, as the schools are really good for our kids. I don't think you could go wrong living in Raleigh and commuting in to Chapel Hill. It will give you the opportunity to also really enjoy what Raleigh has available especially since you are young and single. The rent is really expensive here in the whole Triangle area it seems!
  8. by   38pearl
    @healtheworld, I don't know if you're still looking for an apartment but my 2 cents:
    Southern Village is a nice apartment complex that is close to the hospital, but is on the pricier side.
    If you live in Chapel Hill you can ride the free bus to work during the week (there is free parking at the hospital for nights and weekends, unless there's a football/basketball game). I'd recommend checking Carrboro (small town that boarders Chapel Hill). A lot of grad students and young professionals live there. It's close to the hospital (~2 miles), there are many bus lines that go through there (so you don't have to pay for the park & ride) and it's not inundated with college students. Best of luck!!
  9. by   tlee2017
    Chapel Hill is amazing! I am a nursing student and this is my #1 pic for where I want to work! I visit the area all the time and there really is no place like it. The park and ride system is amazing! They have it where you can get texted when the bus is almost to you, the operators are always nice and helpful, and its easy for those working in the hospital bc it eliminates the distance it takes to walk once you get to the hospital. They are currently in the process of building new parking decks around the hospital to help with traffic but that will be years before it can be used. You should def try getting housing near the hospital. Hillsborough street has tons of apartment complexes and the walk is abut 15 mins to the hospital.

    My hubby was hospitalized last year at Chapel Hill for almost 60 days. He was in their ICU unit and the nurses AND doctors were ALL amazing! In the accident all my cards and purse was lost and I had no money to eat, get around ect. Those nurses there were amazing and made sure I had some food, bus travel and just loads of information to get us through. I will forever be in their favor. Congrats on getting the job. I know you are going to love it<3
  10. by   Kbandy426
    Hi @Healtheworld just curious how you are liking your job at UNC? What unit are you on? I am currently in the same boat you were. I recently applied to a job at UNC in Chapel Hill. I am very interested in the position so I am hoping to hear back soon. I am moving in a couple of weeks and will be living in Raleigh. Where did you end up finding a place? Any insight is greatly appreciated!!