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No more outpatient RN's?


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I am starting nursing school in the fall, as a second degree. Its an ADN program, and I have a BS in Biology. The hospitals in the area want BSN RNs with at least a year experience for their positions, and It seems like all outpatient clinics use MA's now. My dream job is a Family practice position where I can do lots of patient education and have a fair amount of independence. I just do not see these positions posted anywhere. I also do not see any jobs at the health department, ever. I want to eventually go back for FNP, and I love family practice. I just do not know if it is reasonable to think I can find a clinic job where adults and children are seen and I can have a fair amount of independence. The doc I go to when I am sick is an ex-ER MD who opened a primary care/urgent care clinic that will see anything, and she has an RN who does it all, and I am thinking about strait up asking her for a job or at least a part time thing. Any tips to finding that great clinic job?

I went to school with the intention of working in this setting and am having trouble getting into it. At my large teaching hospital, many postings are for MAs or LPNs. The RN positions require 2 years of clinical experience. With 3 years of adult med/surg experience, it's still tough. Many RN positions are for specialized areas. When I applied to a family med office they wanted someone with peds experience. These types of jobs seem to be very competitive.

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I'm an lvn at a family med clinic. I do phone nursing with 3 RNs (I'm currently in school for my RN which is why they put me here so I can have an easy transition). There are less and less rn jobs in clinics but they are out there. Many specialty clinics in this area only hire RNs but they only need two or three of them total. You may try being a home health case manager, lots of indepence and patient education there.

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I am at an allergy clinic and I was an LPN first, then stayed on as an RN. We have 1 other RN, 2 LPNs, and a few MAs. I think the issue is there are RNs in the clinics but they aren't leaving those jobs-they have it pretty good, so there are not any jobs out there.

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Just recently here in Columbus they had 4 openings for public health nurses at the health department. I applied and they called me for an interview but I already accepted a job as community psych outreach RN. There are jobs out there like this, just keep your eye out for them. I often see these types of jobs on craigslist.

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Yes, these positions are tough to come by, and the odds of obtaining such a position immediately after graduation from nursing school are not in your favor. And with good reason -- your ability to advise patients on disease processes and other health-related topics will be GREATLY enhanced by experience taking care of patients with multiple comorbidities in an acute care setting.

As for health department positions - you may be required to complete the civil service process in your state, just like any other state government employee. Explore your state's health department website.

At out local family practice, all the clinic personal are MA's, they do the patient education and pretty much run the office and are very much relied on by the doctors and patients. This is in Illinois btw.


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Most of the clinics in my area are staffed by Ma's and Lpn's. Rn's work in the more specialized clinics like cardiology and oncology. You have to have experience in these areas before you can move into a clinic job. The PHD in our state requires a BSN. Someone mentioned home health - independence and teaching opportunies definitely.