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No one wants to higher a new grad LVN, HELP!

Joy123 Joy123 (New) New

I'm a new grad and have gone to find that its shunned upon and i need experience to get hired. But here's the thing....how can i get experience if no one will teach me. Anyways, does anyone know of a place near West Covina, CA where they hire new grads i need your help guys:crying2:

Congratulations on being a new nurse!!!

Here in the central valley of California there are a lot of LTC positions available. Don't know if you are able to move from your location.

I put in applications at a: hospital, agency, and LTC. Got hired by the agency and the LTC. Found out that the hospital had no openings for LVN's, just always ran ads for LVN positions.

Keep trying. Even the ones that state experience wanted may be induced to hire and train you.

When I first graduated I thought there weren't going to be any opening either and was a little depressed.

Don't give up! Keep looking and you will find something. Check the local county opening also. They usually hire new nurses too.

Check the prison system, they are avidly looking for lvn's to hire. I got a call the other day from the California prison system looking to help me fill out paperwork. Don't know if thats my speed though.

The jobs are out there!


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welcome to the catch 22 of nursing. Learn to sell yourself to the next interviewer you speak to. Highlight what you liked best in school which aspect of nursing your found exciting. Stress your ability to be a team player and not afraid to accept a challenge. Admit what you do not know, however stress your willingness to learn.

Good luck. Your job is out there for you.

Must be that state. I have worked in 4 states and never had a problem getting work.

According to both this site and my personal experience, I'm thinking that the nursing shortage is regional. I'm in Toledo OH, and am about to graduate from LPN school. The hospitals here aren't hiring LPNs and there are a lot of LPN schools here (even competitive for LTC). The interesting thing, just as LPNs are being phased out in this area, the trade schools are popping up like crazy with (outrageous tuition). This just makes me shudder when I consider the high hopes and investment of energy by the students-only to hear must get RN for nursing position in area. The business of educating LPNs is THE business here.

I'm planning to apply for my license in Mich. I'll possibly be travelling an hour or so for my first job, but employment is better in that state for LPNs.


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The nursing shortage that we most read about, seem to only apply to the Rn's . I have read there will also be a shortage of LPN's, but as Rn's and Lpn's are not bound together in any form of unity. No speaks for us, except for us.

It is funny , when I first started working. No Lpn's in our union hospital got any sort of tuition help. Only the Rn's or the aides. It took almost 15 years before they finally reluctantly gave us $500.00 a year for schooling. That was really a slap in the face. Most of Lpn's in the hospital believed the only reason that was, because we were the ones most likely to go onto school and it was felt to be too costly for the hospital.. Thankfully most facilities are different today. I highly recommend stay in school, get your RN.


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Keep searching! I graduated in Spetember, passed my boards Nov. 3rd. Had the same problem "experienced LPN's only".....I found a per deum position, then one day while searching the internet found a full time position in a LTC facility 3-11 on their sub-acute unit.

So, instead of just filling out an application with my resume and leaving it for the DON to read, I went to the facility and asked to speak to the DON. She was in her office, and I "sold myself" and was hired! I start Monday.

So, the only advise I can give to a fellow graduate is "sell yourself" try to get an appointment so that they see and hear what the new LPN has to say about themself and not just toss the application and resume aside becuase it says "no experience"

Good Luck! You will find a job!

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