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No one going to Eastern Michigan University?

I am going to go to Eastern in the fall the the last of my Nursing Pre-Reqs I don't see anyone on here talking about them. Something that I should know? I have been a just reading on here for the last couple of months but I was wondering why no one talks about Eastern anyone have any advice. Thanks

Does Eastern have 2nd Degree program?

EMU to put it nicely sucks ass!!!!!!!!! I got my first degree from EMU and I should have known that everything they do turns to S#$@.... They did two official audits on my first degree and 5 months after I walked they sent me a letter saying that my chemistry class from a private international school didn't count. So a year after I thought I graduated I finally got that class done and got my degree.... Long story short it seems like this happens to all sorts of people for all sorts of reasons. I should have known when I decided to get a second degree that EMU wasn't the place to do it.... But living in the area I wanted to stay close and go to school around here, so I went and talked to the second career counselor and talked to Bobbi Towne the Nursing counselor. After talking to both of them I figured out all the classes that I needed to take in order to apply and how they admited people which was purely GPA in the pre-reqs..... So a few months ago I was in class and overheard a few ladies talking about Eastern new criteria.... Needless to say I freaked out and joined in the conversation and realized that everything they told me was different and what I was counting on wasn't the case anymore.... The second degree counselor also told me that if I took a class at EMU that summer then I would be grandfathered in to the way they admit people then...... I know this is getting long and confusing but it just really gets under my skin that they went and changed everything and didn't tell anyone that was on list of prospective 2nd degree students. AND to make it worse when I did find out through the grapevine that they had changed the program I called to get a new information packet and NOONE I mean NOONE would talk to me.... Every person I called said I needed to talk to Bobbi Towne but everytime I would try and contact her she said that she could only talk to admitted students.... If you have more specific questions just ask because I finally did get the new packet and actually talked for an hour to the dean of the nursing program about the crap they were trying to pull..... I have since gotten into Oakland University and am applying to Wayne State in June.... I have heard great things about their traditional program at EMU so if that is what you were planning on going into then everything I just said wouldn't apply to you but if I were you I wouldn't even consider them for an accelerated program.... Oh yeah they are also not starting another accelerated program until 2010 so unless you want to wait till 2011 to graduate I highly recommend another institution.... Phew that felt good to vent about it, I HATE EMU!

Malenurse734, I'm sitting ova here cracking up @ u:chuckle, thats ashame they would do you that way. I haven't really heard anything about EMU but I'd rather attend Oakland University anyway, EMU is too far for me. I'm glad your going somewhere else cause it seems you've had a hard time with them!

Thank you so much for the information about how they treated you. I am actually going into the traditional program. I have a paramedic license but I don't have any degrees. I do however have most of my pre-reqs done and I do have a 4.0 gpa. I just want to get into a good program. I want something that isn't going to take me forever to get into. I will look into them more closely thank you so much for your input and good luck on your degree.


jessi1106, BSN, RN

Specializes in Adult Acute Care Medicine. Has 7 years experience.

I went to EMU....I had an overall good experience. Feel free to email me if you have specific questions.


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