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No NCLEX-RN results yet, but got the "good pop up"

by JoiCam JoiCam (New) New

Hello everyone! I took NCLEX-RN this past Thrusday at 8am. I used UWorld and Saunders and only focused on Uworld once I received my ATT two weeks before my exam. I prayed for a sense of calm leading up to the test because I have HORRIBLE generalized anxiety and of course God provided. I felt good and calm throughout the test. I finished my exam in 75 Qs, 24 SATA, two ordered response, 1 math, and almost all of the rest were priority questions. I did the PVT as soon as I got to my car and got my phone... good pop up! I have been doing it all weekend and even put in my correct card info with the same result.

I still have not seen my name on BRN yet and Cali doesn't have quick results. I know people typically hear back in 48 hours, but how long did you wait to finally see your name posted on the BRN for your state when the 48 hours were exceeded? Has anyone failed when receiving the "good pop up"?

I'm trying to focus on that sense of calm... just have this lingering choking feeling as well.

Sorry no one replied. I will drop in to say by virtue of your thoroughness, random person you are, I would bet $101 that you passed the exam.

Besides if you didn't pass, can't you just take the exam again? It's gonna be okay regardless.

Never heard of someone failing who got the good popup. More than likely you passed the exam, and doing so in 75Q's means you rocked it. I think maybe you'll just have to wait a bit longer than usual because Cali has been slow with updating results at times. Anyways, early congratulations!