No Name-Calling Allowed!

I was orienting to a new floor just a few weeks ago, and I was enjoying my new job immensely. In fact, I was feeling so good about myself, that I began to relax my "first impression" behavior, and let a little bit of the real me shine through. I have since learned that a little bit of the real me is more than enough to go around! Sometimes, I get a little too silly for my own good, and this was definitely one of those times!


No Name-Calling Allowed!

I am currently working on an infant unit, and my experience there thus far has been wonderful.

On this particular occasion, I began the day with some adorable little patients. All of the infants on this unit have touched my heart, and I see beauty in every single baby I have had the privilege to work with.

For this shift, I was working with, among others, a six-month-old boy, who had recovered well from an ostomy take-down. He was doing so well, that he was ready to be discharged and sent home.

That morning, upon meeting him, I had decided that this handsome little guy looked like his name should be "Fred" - even though this was not his given name. His mother and father had not been able to stay with him, and since my day was relatively mild, I ended up visiting with him quite often. In fact, we developed a little "relationship".

Despite his relatively fresh procedure, and the fact that he was without his family and in a strange and scary place, this little guy was content, and he coo-ed and gurgled as his chubby little legs kicked and wiggled about. His big blue eyes and happy demeanor made him easy to fall for, and in a word; I was smitten!

I began to teasingly refer to him as "Fred", talking to him as I went about my duties, and he didn't seem to mind the temporary nickname at all! In fact, I believe he was enjoying himself as much as I was!

Then, with no warning whatsoever, little "Fred" filled his diaper with the most disturbing mess of poo that I had ever smelled!

I said playfully, "My Lord, Fred, you have totally offended me! My gosh, I have never smelled anything quite like you before!"

As I grabbed a diaper, I turned to find a doctor standing at the door, looking at me with a puzzled expression.

"Excuse me?" he said, glancing up from his charts. I knew he was probably either curious as to why I was referring to his patient as "Fred", or perhaps just lost in thought as he scanned his papers. However, rather than try to explain myself, I just smiled pleasantly and assumed my professional demeanor. We discussed my little guy's condition, and the doctor took a brief look and listen.

After his visit, (in which I felt a somewhat tense undertone), I looked down at my cardex, and almost lost my breakfast burrito; This doctor's first name was "Fred".

Needless to say, our relationship has never quite flourished. After all, you can't build a great relationship with a doctor you have referred to as "stinky" and "offensive". However, the experience has provided my co-workers with a good chuckle, and I have to say, it makes me grin a little myself. No more "name-calling" for me!

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That story *so* sounds like something I would do .... thanks for the laugh (and the warning, always look behind you LOL LOL)


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That's awesome- this story made me laugh out loud!:chuckle

Thanks for sharing (I'm still smiling BTW!)


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that is sooooo me! i am very loud and have a tendancy to have diarrhea of the mouth. it pops into my head and out of my mouth it comes!!! it's not normal! i keep saying "oops! did i say that out loud? sorry!" and now i have just moved to a new er so these guys and gals don't know me well. i'm learning to curtail it some as they turn and look at me all aghast! it's amazing! i also give people nick names. my new charge nurse's name is mike and i just out of the blue started calling him "mikie". he just rolls his eyes for now. i also talk back to the docs if they yell at me. i don't take that from them and i'm not sure they're used to that. i'm sure they will be by the time i'm gone though. i respect you, but i deserve that same respect. it's funny to see mikie roll his eyes when me and the medical director get into it about something stupid. like i said "diarrhea of the mouth."


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I don't know why mild days have a tendency of ending like this! Thanks for sharing!


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Yea right! But there's no harm in a little sense of humour, we need it sometimes.


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this also happens to me, i call it word vomit. lol :barf01:


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Thought I'd read an article before bed, LOL...Thanks:p