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Night shift help..


I am switching to night shift for the next year for family reasons, and I have to put my schedule in for the next 6 weeks and I am not sure how to schedule myself. I have to work 2 night shifts per week- so my question is, it better 2 work 2 nights back to back or would it be better to space them out over the week???

I have occasionally helped out and worked a night shift and I remember that feeling of being up for 24 hours-wow..but, I was able to go home and sleep until late afternoon and felt a little spacey that night, but I think I could've worked again if needed.

Do you think it's easier the second night??? Or do you like staying up 24 hours for each shift?

Yes, I am totally overthinking this, and that is why I am finally posting the question here so I can focus on other things!!!:woot:

quiltynurse56 specializes in LTC and Pediatrics.

That is totally up to you. Can you schedule yourself both ways for these 6 weeks and then decide which way you prefer?

Since there is some amount of disruption to the night shift routine, you might find it easier to schedule the shifts back to back. When you come off night shift that day is ruined. When you work that night, that day is ruined. That is what I have found. If you space the days out then you are spreading the "ruination" throughout your entire week so to speak.

BSNbeDONE specializes in Med/Surg, LTACH, LTC, Home Health.

On the rare occasion that I do work two shifts within a week, I space them out not because of the sleep situation, but because of the crap situation. I always leave in the morning thinking, "they got me last night, but they're gonna miss my a** tonight".:cheeky:

I work nights on a cardiac step down. I prefer to work together so I can keep my patients and because of sleep. I have a 4 year old who goes to school in the day time while I sleep. On my next full day off I need to sleep some of the day and then try to go to bed at a normal time. I do find myself up at 3-4am most days off and catch cat naps in the day. I love night shift but sleep habits do get in the way with a family.

meanmaryjean specializes in NICU, ICU, PICU, Academia.

I kept mine together- only one 'turnaround' day per week. Much easier on the body than two.


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