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Hi everyone,

I'm currently working in a LIII in Denver, but will be moving to Dallas in the next few months to be closer to my elderly (don't tell them I used that word!) parents. It seems that there are a LOT of LIIIs in the Dallas area. Can anyone give me any feedback about the reputations of the NICUs in Dallas? I really enjoy attending deliveries, so would not want to work at a children's only hospital, and would really like to move into a transport position in a few years. I currenly work for an HCA facility, so could probably transfer easily, but have been told that I could make more $$$ if I were to go to a new company.

Any feedback would be welcome!

Thanks ya'll!



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A friend of mine worked in Baylor's NICU for years and really liked it. She also speaks highly of Presbyterian in Plano (the Texas girls all seem to just call it PresbyPlano).

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Good luck, Shenandoah.


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I currently work in the NICU at Parkland (which is the county hospital). We have a Level III, and the only things we don't do are ECMO and cardiac (those kiddos go to Childrens). I honestly don't know how many beds we're licensed for, but right now we're running a census of 80. As for your interest in running to deliveries, we have what is called a resus team, which is comprised of separate staffing, and their responsibility is to go to the deliveries, admit the new ones and get them settled (usually caring for them during the first four hours), then the baby goes into regular staffing. I've been here three years and love two days are the same....we'll go two or three days with minimal admissions, then BAM, you're working six admits in 20 minutes! If you'd like more specific info, feel free to PM me.


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If you want to stay with HCA (and transfer your PTO/EIB & other bennies), check out Medical City Dallas/Medical City Children's. They have NICU/PICU, and have a Neo/Pedi Transport Team.

Good luck with whatever you decide!

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