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I will be starting my prereqs this fall so I have a ways to go before I get my degree, however, does most hospitals require you to have experience before working in the NICU? I honestly cannot even imagine working anywhere else in the hospital except for maybe PICU or L&D, but my heart keeps coming back to NICU. I realize that I may have to work on another floor just to get my foot in the door and that's fine. Some days when I think to myself I have a ways to go before I graduate I then think about NICU and it makes me want to work even harder to accomplish my dream! Also, do any of you experience big turnovers on that floor?

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I don't know of any NICUs around here that want experience seems to actually hinder the transition to NICU.

Not sure about turnover but I've seen a few new grads go to adult because they were too nervous working with the babies.

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We used to take GN but right now with not much hiring going on, we have 2 positions availbable both require an experienced NICU RN.

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If you're willing to move, you shouldn't have a problem finding a unit that will take a new grad. The economy's tough right now, but by the time you graduate, that may not be the case.

For me, it was only 12 short months when my hospital went from hiring new grads left and right to putting a temporary freeze on it.


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I was hired to NICU before graduation. It really just depends on the area that you're in (Amount of nursing schools - lots of people seem to want to do NICU) and how the hospitals are being affected by the economy right now (hiring freezes). You may have to go to another area, but if you're passionate about doing NICU (and don't put it as your second choice of area for an internship position), there are opportunities out there. It's very competitive to get a spot, but it is such a great place to work within the hospital.


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our nicu is always looking for nurses for both day and night shifts. recently, we have hired a few new grad nurses, and those who come to work here on our unit, tend to stay. our turnover is low, and we are hurting for nurses. our census rarely drops below 18 (we are a level iii and level ii nicu), and we usually work with atleast 9 nurses and up, depending on census and acuity.

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