Why am I so anxious before my shifts? Finally on my own in the NICU....

  1. Hey guys I recently finished my preceptor shifts (13) in the NICU. I asked for one more because I still didn't feel confident. Although I still don't feel fully confident I am now on my own. Last week was my first shift by myself it was a night shift and I felt like I failed at that... I went in 30 mins early and took report and tried to get everything sorted but still I managed to be behind. I didn't start my babies feeds on time during first handle. My one baby would not stop crying, I had a father who said he didn't want his baby fed in 30 mins nd that it better be a doctors or because he doesn't want nurses deciding what they think is best... then another dad who wanted to bath and weight his baby but needed help. Supposedly it's all easy stuff and 3 babies is nothing.. plus they were all gavage feeds. I was just running everywhere, like shoot this baby is crying again this father will really be on my case if feed is started even off by a minute. The dad needs guidance and help bathing his baby. I start to become task oriented and forget why I do this which is because I love babies. I see everyone doing so well so much organization, they're all done charting while I'm frantically trying to calm my baby and start feeds 20 mins after. I feel sick to my stomach going in again cause I'm so anxious. Even giving TOA I'm a fumbling idiot. I am everywhere. Plus I'm pretty shy so I feels my face just turning into a tomato then I'm more anxious and I swear I go into panic. I don't know everything and it honestly scares me so much on my breaks. After work I cry so much becaus I'm not fast enough and I feel like I'm going to mess up any minute which scares me.
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  3. by   jennylee321
    There's a big adjustment period and I promise you'll get faster! With time you get quicker with assessments and cares. I have experienced a dad like the one you are talking about and it is very irritating and ends up actually slows you down. I think it comes from a place of them wanting to feel in control when they've lost a lot of that control having a baby in the NICU. Had the baby been in NICU a long time. I suggest giving him tasks to keep him busy and off your tasks. Make sure he's doing as much of the care as you are able to delegate to him.
  4. by   Guy in Babyland
    If it is time for an assessment, have the parents take the temp, change diaper, and feed. Time management and speed come with time. If a co-worker is done with their patients, ask them if they could feed one of your kids or start an NG feed. It is OK to ask for help occasionally. All of your coworkers were new at some point and realize the struggle to keep up when you are new. If you ever get down time, ask your coworkers for tips on how to get organized or handle certain parents demands.
  5. by   tmjwe3
    But if the parents do the care then how will I get an assessment in or is it ok to leave it??
  6. by   jennylee321
    You either do your assessment while they are doing the cares or right before. You should ideally be telling parents to get there 15-30 mins before the feed time to do cares
  7. by   Guy in Babyland
    Quote from tmjwe3
    But if the parents do the care then how will I get an assessment in or is it ok to leave it??
    If you are busy doing an assessment on another patient, ask the other parents to change diaper and take the temp. When you are done with your patient, you then assess their baby. You should also warm their baby's milk prior to your assessment so that when you are done with your assessment the parents can start feeding their baby.
  8. by   MA Nurse
    Three babies can be very challenging. Can you ask them for two baby assignments so you can get more organized before you care for 3? I agree with other responses. Put the parents to work. But then that can become hard because they sometimes need a lot of guidance. Hang in there. You will get better over time. If you have another nurse that can help when necessary, that's good too.
  9. by   jennylee321
    They won't give you 2 babies though because your off orientation had included in the numbers
  10. by   NICUismylife
    You were only given 4 weeks of orientation? Are you an experienced nurse or a new grad? That really doesn't sound like nearly enough time to develop time management and assessment skills necessary. No wonder you are struggling! I'm so sorry. I got 22 WEEKS of orientation when I first started.