What should every NICU nurse have?

  1. I will be starting my internship in the NICU next month and I wanted to ask all you seasoned nurses that work in the NICU what is some of the things you can't live without?
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  3. by   danissa
    ........ An extending bladder...a thick skin.and a sense of humour!!!!!
    Oh...and an ability to view gifts of chocolate as a meal in the abscence of a meal break!
    With that in mind...baggy scrubs!

    Seriously..an inquiring mind is a great gift..a Nicu nurse needs to strive to gain knowledge...be on the ball to recognise when a baby is " Not Right!"
  4. by   SteveNNP
    A keen eye for abnormals, a willingness to learn from others, excellent time managment skills..... as far as necessary equipment, I'd say blunt scissors/hemostat, Neofax/pocket resuscitation guide, Care of the Sick Neonate, and a calculator with your name written ALL OVER IT so NOONE STEALS IT when you aren't looking :>P

  5. by   lauralaine7
    Good intuition, good time management skills, good interpersonal skills. Your unit will have tons of reference material, but I have my own copy of Merenstein & Gardner's NICU book.
  6. by   HarleyNrs
    Hmmm, the knowledge to recognize they don't know it all , there is no such thing as a dumb question. A keen sense of humor , Faith in yourself- you can do this, and the knowledge there are more good outcomes than bad even though you might not see it:smiley_ab
  7. by   lovemyjob
    Remember, very small changes can mean a big problem is looming. Never brush off anything!
  8. by   wensday
    Remember, very small changes can mean a big problem is looming. Never brush off anything!
    I second that.

    If the mum says 'He's not quite right this morning', then pay attention. That mum sits there all day every day and knows her child. A baby that's a bit 'off colour' could be vented with a raging sepsis the next day.

    Good luck!!
  9. by   Jolie
    Meticulous attention to detail.